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  • cyalexi - BLU is the best value smart phone company in the world.

    Probably the best value I have ever gotten from a smart phone purchase. I love this little work horse. Get a 64 GB micro SD card and this phone will service all your basic needs and then some. I have convinced 6 people to buy BLU phones since I got mine and they are all thanking me. This is truly a great company and we should all pay attention to their entire line. My next phone is going to be one of the $200 phones. I can't go on enough about the value of this phone. Just get one for a laugh like I did, thinking I'd have it a month or two till the next line of Samsung comes out...and I just decided to ride it out cause I really don't need the Galaxy for anything besides the camera.

  • Adrian B. - Good!

    looks good,the speaker for alarms is kind of weak,cheap sounding but works,once in a while will start beeping and wouldn't stop unless i open the door or put in reverse,don't know why,still nothing major,so far so good.

  • incavin - Good set of wrenches

    Excellent set of wrenches with most commonly used sizes and convenient storage pouch to keep them organized. The only problem I have with the set is it didn't come with the 9/16", in it's place is a 5/8" wrench for a total of two 5/8" wrenches. Fortunately I haven't needed the 9/16" as of yet as my vehicles use metric sized bolts and nuts.

  • Avid Amazonian - You get what you pay for

    This is an "okay" projector. First let me clarify, I am a film nerd, I own a 65 inch HDTV that is never big enough, yada yada yada... I was not expecting this projector to be top of the line for what I paid for it. I get that... I own that... but I was still slightly underwhelmed by this overall.

  • 2CatGirlReads2 - Just OK

    I have arthritis in both knees. I suffered a"flare" a few months ago so severe that I was off my feet from the pain and out of work. I am now much better but I need practice and support in walking and being on my feet for hours at a time. I heard about Nordic walking and thought I would try it as a physical therapy. I ordered 2 of these poles to try it out. The Nordic walking is great but the poles are so-so.