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How To Quit Smoking | A Guide For the Pack a Day Smoker - All the honest and real help you'll need on how to quit smoking from an experienced ex-smoker of 17 years.

  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/how-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes.html How To Quit Smoking: A Realistic Approach - This is one of the most logical and realistic methods that exist today. You will learn how to quit smoking cigarettes and remain a non-smoker for good.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/quit-smoking-cold-turkey.html Quit Smoking Cold Turkey | Why It's The Best Method - You must quit smoking cold turkey if you want the greatest chance of success. Learn why it's the #1 method here. All the others fall short.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/after-you-quit-smoking.html After You Quit Smoking | What Happens? - There are many changes that take place after you quit smoking cigarettes. Your life will do a 180 on you. Find out what happens here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/chain-smoker.html I Was a Chain Smoker For 17 Years - Everyday of my life as a chain smoker was controlled by nicotine. I was a complete slave to it. Learn more about my daily routine here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/stop-smoking-tips.html Stop Smoking Tips | These Will Help You Quit - Here are some of the best stop smoking tips to help you fight against your nicotine addiction. The more help you have, the better chance at success you'll have also. Learn more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/smoking-triggers.html Smoking Triggers | What Are They? - Your smoking triggers are people, places, and things that cause you to want a cigarette. Learn more about them here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/why-do-people-smoke.html Why Do People Smoke? | What's The Main Reason? - Everybody knows smoking is bad for you. But then why do people smoke? Find some of the main reasons why they continue to puff away.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/stop-smoking-aids.html Stop Smoking Aids | How They Help You - You'll need allies in your fight against your nicotine addiction, and these stop smoking aids will help you along the way. Learn more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/causes-of-anxiety-attacks.html Causes Of Anxiety Attacks | Smoking-Related - Cigarette withdrawal is one of the main causes of anxiety attacks. Quit smoking and you'll reduce your anxiety.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/pack-a-day-smoker.html Pack a Day Smoker | A Day in the Life - This is a typical day for the pack a day smoker who is completely controlled by nicotine. Read more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/what-sets-me-apart.html What Sets Me Apart | Why My Solution To Quit Smoking Is Different - What sets me apart in the fight against nicotine is that my solution to quit smoking is unique, and it makes sense. Learn more about it here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/about-me.html About Me and My Struggles With Nicotine Addiction for 17years - I was a smoker for my entire adulthood. Learn about me and my life story here, and what battles I faced. Hopefully you can relate.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/quit-smoking-mindset.html Your Quit Smoking Mindset Plays an Important Role - Being truly ready with a quit smoking mindset is the biggest factor of all. With a positive attitude, you will succeed. Learn more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/nicotine-withdrawal-symptoms.html Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms | What To Expect - These are some of the immediate nicotine withdrawal symptoms you will encounter. Learn more here about what you'll face as soon as you quit.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/total-gym-workout-routine.html Total Gym Workout Routine For Ex-Smokers Who Are New To Exercising - For all you ex-smokers out there, here is a total gym workout routine that's not too difficult to manage for beginners. Read more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/health-benefits-of-quitting-smoking.html Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking | What Happens Afterwards? - There are many health benefits of quitting smoking. Learn what happens to your body when you put that last cigarette out for good.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/quit-smoking-without-gaining-weight.html Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight | Is It Possible? - With proper diet and exercise, it is possible to quit smoking without gaining weight. Don't believe those myths. Learn more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/american-spirit-tobacco.html American Spirit Tobacco | Is it Safer Than RegularCigarettes? - Everyone thinks that American Spirit tobacco is safer than regular cigarettes. Find out the real truth here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/tar-in-cigarettes.html Tar in Cigarettes | How Much is There? - There is a lot of tar in cigarettes, depending on which kind you smoke. Find out what it's really doing to you here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/female-celebrity-smoking-list.html Female Celebrity Smoking List | The Women Who Puff Away - This is an incomplete female celebrity smoking list. All of these famous women have been seen smoking. Find out who is guilty here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/quit-smoking-blog.html Quit Smoking Blog - The Quit Smoking Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the iQuit-Smoking.com website.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/quit-smoking-aids.html Quit Smoking Aids | How They Help You - You will need these quit smoking aids to help you in your fight against your addiction. Think of them as your allies. Learn more here.
  • http://www.iquit-smoking.com/nicotine-withdrawal-day-1.html Nicotine Withdrawal - Day 1 - These are all the struggles and challenges I faced during Nicotine Withdrawal - Day 1. Find out what happened to me here.

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