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Footprint Online Water & Energy Monitoring Services - footprint is a fully integrated online smart solution for management of water, energy and wastewater consumption. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint with footprint software TODAY!

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  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/our-difference Building Utility Monitoring, Utility Reporting Software | Footprint - Footprint is an online building utilitiesmonitoring system, with utility reporting software developed by iota. We provide services to helpenhance the environmental reputation of your company.
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/services Water reporting, energy usage monitoring & saving software - footprint assists you to manage water reporting and energy monitoring with its usage monitoring and saving software. Learn more about the complete footprint solution!
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  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/what-does-footprint-monitor Building Electricity Monitoring, Leak Detection Software | Footprint - Footprint software coversbuilding electricity monitoring and identifies leak detection. We host and back up your data, so that it is always there when you need it.
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/real-time-reporting NABERS Tracking, NGERS Calculation | Footprint - Footprint real time reporting is helpful to measure usage against business KPIs for total carbon footprint, NABERStracking, NGERS calculation and much more.
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/water-monitoring Water Monitoring, Management & Reporting Services, Monitoring Software for Water | Footprint - Footprint’s water reporting & management services help your business minimise & control water consumption. We have variety of water monitoring software solutions.
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/energy-monitoring Energy Usage Monitoring Software, Track Reporting, Saving System for Energy | Footprint - Footprint monitors and tracks energy usage by utilising energy saving software. Our energy usage monitoring and reporting solutionsare designed to help your business save water and money!
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/wastewater-monitoring Trade Waste Management, Wastewater Management | Footprint - Footprint’s trade waste management service is a key feature of our footprint solution. You have access to a complete water monitoring & control solution with us.
  • http://www.iota-footprint.com.au/benefits-our-solution The Benefits of our solution | footprint -  The Benefits of Our Solution: Instantly detects surges, leaks and irregularities.Reliable alarm triggers with SMS and email notifications.Customised real time reporting and communications.Automated performance and compliance data.

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  • BostonMed22 - use this book as if NBME gave it to you to study...

    SO i took step 1, two weeks ago...i trusted the advice of my friends and studied mainly from this book! although this book may seem like just a list of facts...USE IT as a guide....for my version of the exam...I was able to answer almost ALL of the questions based on knowledge from this book....there's proabbaly 10% of the test that tested on obscure facts, and i know for sure the first section of my test was the experimental questions (questions nbme uses to try out new questions) the answer choices were all ambiguous and weird!!! at that point i was like HoLY i shoulda studied from more sources...but after that section was over...I started to DO MAJOR damage to that test....90% of the questions were covered in FA, but here's the kicker...the test only covered 25% of FA ( i literally had like 5-7 gout questions)...simply put...if you know this book youll do GREAT! more importantly in order to consolidate this information i suggest doing qbank on RANDOM...do atleast 100 a night...u'll finish in 22 days...refer back to first AID while u do the questions......and take notes from qbank and write it into your first AID...that helped me a lot! learn from qbank...do it in TUTOR mode and read the answer explanations...I also used the pathology robbins review {question book) did all 1000 of them...100 questions a day for 2 weeks...i did this prior to starting qbank...but i forgot most of the information i learned from the book tho...but it did help me refresh a lot of pathology... I Would read the corresponding sections in BRS and do the path questions...and take notes into BRS...that way when i later reviewed BRS all that info would be there for me....and i also read pathophysiology for boards and wards(takes only one day)...which i thought was BETTER than BRS because it gives u more clinical findings than BRS...read both if you can...but there ARE many mistakes in pathophysio for boards and wards...i also read high yield anatomy and embryo...TOTAL Waste of time...all anatomy questions and embryo that I had were answerable using FIRST AID... also DO NOT BELIEVE IT WHEN PEOPLE TELL U the versions don't change from year to year...I owned the 2004 edition...a month before the test i went to the bookstore...and glanced over the 2006 version...THERE IS WAY MORE INFO in the 2006 version...atleast a good 40 pages more...and the font is smaller...so FIRST AID is basically new and improved!!! SO I bought the 2006 version and transfered the notes from the 2004 version i had taken during my coursework into the 2006 version...50% of my notes were already added into the 2006 version!!! get the 2006 version...if you have an old version get rid of it...of course for biochem...i read lippincotts just to make some sense out of all the random facts in first aid...if your doing things like memorizing every pathway in biochem you're wasting your time...memorize the ones given in FIRST AID ESP RATE LIMITING REACTIONS!!!...and make sure they make sense to you....and if it doesn't make sense...save it for "blind memorization" before the exam....but the most important things you can do for yourself is...read FIRST AID from front to back cover...it'll take about 6 days...you have to do this so you know what info is covered...then divide up your days... i did...1 day behavioral(FA only)...1 day biochem(lippincott), 1 day embryo(High Y), 1 day anatomy(high Y),1 day neuro,(use clinical neuro made ridiculously simple and FA's neuro section) 2 days physio (BRS-VERY IMPORTANT BOOK) 2 days pharm (mainly FA,some lippincott) 2 days micro(FA and microbio ridiculously simple CHARTS), 5 days path(BRS+patho board and ward) (if you find yourself using more than 1 day on anatomy or embryo...ur studying way too much... MOVE ON and study wats in first aid!)these study days were 8 hours reading from texts...and 3-4 hours doing questions at night...about 11-12 hrs a day for 5 weeks... the last week i spent rereading first aid twice...reading it once probaably would have been enough...the 2nd time reading it you tend to start glancing over information and not focusing as much...by now all u can fit in your brain...is already in there...so be a man...and take the test!!! don't get bogged down if your first section the questions are harder than qbank...its most likely the experimental...they'll get easier after that...and after the test...u'll hug and kiss your FIRST AID 2006. good luck med students...the journey has just BEGUN!

  • Dee B - But it does not vary like so many out there

    It might be even be 5 star but I have not had a fever yet. But it does not vary like so many out there. By the end of the winter I should know more.

  • R. Bacon - Excellent product!!!

    For as long as I can remember, I have had a problem with abnormally rapid plaque build-up. No matter how often I brushed or flossed, I still needed to get my teeth cleaned at least 3 times per year. Biotene PBF has put an end to that. Now I only need to have my teeth cleaned once per year. Plus, it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I highly recommend this product.

  • 7th day Sabbath - 2012 Diamondback Overdrive Comp

    First off was looking for a full suspension 29er. Tested the Trek Rumblefish and Superfly 100 and then the top dog on my list, the Santa Cruz Tall boy. I still intend on purchasing the Tallboy but at $3,000 I'll need to save for that. Plus I need a bike for my wife. So I either get one for myself or buy a cheaper 29er and get her one. Enter the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 2012 version. I found mine for a steal of a deal still in the box at $489! I was told to look longer and purchase a Cannondale, Specialized, or Trek. Well I looked at these and for the price of the Comp these other big companies couldn't compete with what Diamondback has on the their bikes in the hardtail 29er version. Components are good, but not the best but I'd say better than average. The saddle is a bit hard and I will probably replace this. The bike on the trail handles exceptionally well. Again all I have to compare this too was the full suspension 29ers I was spending much time on. The last one being the the Tallboy by Santa Cruz, an expensive boutique bike that is rated as one of the best. In comparison to the FS bikes I was pleasantly surprised by the Comp. This bike can climb! In rock gardens, turns, or anything this bike can handle it. I've shown it to may people and they are really surprised at the weight of the bike. It's lighter than I expected. I thought it was going to be very heavy but it's actually very manageable. Of course its not as light as the Santa Cruz or the Superfly 100 but seemed about a light as the Trek rumblefish. I do like Schimano components and SRAm for me is taking some getting used to but thats a small thing. It shifts very well and accurately. Most of the other big companies have a 29er in a hard tail, but like I said they don't offer what DB does for the price, and as I tested their bikes the DB Comp 29er performs better than their 29er hardtails! I think sometimes you are paying for the name on these other 29er hard tails.

  • Gearmax - AMAZING


  • Kindle Customer - Fiyah

    Omg I loved this book. It was a true love story. It had just enough drama to keep you entertained but that ending though. I need part 2 like last week. Awesome sauce.

  • so cal - So far so good

    I bought this bag after some deliberation because it was slightly on the pricier side, I was not familiar with Timbuk2 bags, and the look of the bag was iffy. But, it's been three weeks into my Europe trip and so far so good! The bag is great because it packs a decent amount of stuff into a flat area, which I like because when worn as a backpack (which I've done exclusively), it isn't bulky. I can move around trains and planes without bumping into people. It also fits into overhead compartments on all planes and trains as well.