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  • Dr. Prof. RobTopnotch - For Intellectuals...Food for Logical Thought

    I love this book. it's a part of my Library now. interesting.... nothing you are unfamiliar with, just fills in some blanks that the history teachers in school left out and it makes sense! and this is only volume 1.

  • WOLFNme - works

    but im on 2nd delievery to see results , it gives teeth that immed no grit feel like after a cleaning I lovvveee, and does so each use. the whitening takes 6 wks using both and I've now seen a visible difference even w out a tan

  • Ernest - Hard to set up can't see the instructions too small ...

    Hard to set up can't see the instructions too small and not clear. Also will not stay connected to the 4G or the wi-Fi

  • dhubbsy - Very sad to learn that Microsoft has discontinued this software and will no longer update

    I travel often for business and love this software so much that I paid a highly inflated price to purchase it now that they have discontinued the software. I spent hours looking for a good alternative since my old computer crashed and I lost the program, but there is nothing out there that even comes close. Trying to work without it proved frustrating. It's a great product to plan multiple stops for your trip, change the order of the stops, input how long you plan on staying at each stop, and get accurate drive times. It also lets you save your trip to your computer, which is great if you go to the same destination again. You can pull up your last trip, change some of the stops and you're good to go. It is sad that we won't get street updates any longer, however it is a very useful planning tool regardless. I will plan on using my GPS while on the trip to take care of any road changes or closures, but will still rely on the software for route timing and trip planning. I found many forums online from loyal users, and no one has found another way to plan trips that is as easy, accurate, and has all of the functions that we have come to rely on.

  • marie - Now i do not have to worry when im driving

    I work at a humane society and i am always driving dogs to vet appointments. Most of the dogs we have ride great in the car but we get a few that get very nervous in the car and move around a lot. I was looking for a way to keep them in one area of my car and i stumbled upon this OMore [2 Pack] Pet Safety Leads Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness Seatbelt for Dogs/Cats, Nylon Material, 16-25 inch Adjustable - Black so i purchased it right away. This arrived quickly so i was able to use it the next time i had to transport a dog to the vet. I clicked it into my seat belt and then to the dog. I really really like that the length is adjustable so now matter what size dog you are using this for it will work. I used it for a bigger dog and it worked great. He stayed in my back seat and i had no issues with it. This is definitely a must for anyone who has dogs that ride in their car. This will definitely make your worries go away and keep any accidents from happening with the dogs that move a lot.