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Inter-Care - Welcome to INTER-CARE - Inter-Care Ltd. is a comprehensive treatment service provider for individuals and families affected by alcoholism and other drug dependencies. We are licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, offering a broad range of outpatient services. Our focus is long-term recovery and personal growth based on a medical model with an emphasis on family involvement in treatment. We provide the professional care and support, experience and tools that go beyond total abstinence, giving our clients the ability and the positive energy to take on life's daily challenges in our New York community.

  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/about-us/our-mission-menu Inter-Care - The INTER-CARE Mission - The INTER-CARE mission is to provide the highest standard of outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment using an individually tailored, biopsychosocial model of evidence-based approaches to meet the patient and their significant others where they are ready to begin the process of change.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/about-us/career-opportunities Inter-Care - Career, Volunteer, and Internship Opportunities at INTER-CARE - THE INTER-CARE APPROACH. The INTER-CARE model focuses on long-term recovery and personal growth. Our therapeutic approach provides the motivation, support, experience and tools that give our patients the ability to take on life’s daily challenges.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/outpatient-services Inter-Care - INTER-CARE Focuses on Long Term Success via our Outpatient Services - INTER-CARE's outpatient services model focuses on long-term recovery and personal growth. Our therapeutic approach provides the motivation, support, experience and tools that give our patients the ability to take on life’s daily challenges.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/outpatient-detox-services Inter-Care - Outpatient Detox Services - INTER-CARE offers outpatient detox services, also known as Ambulatory Withdrawal Management Services (AWMS).  We provide medically supervised out...
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/outpatient-services/support-groups Inter-Care - Public Community Support Groups at INTER-CARE - These support groups at INTER-CARE are open to the public to help you in your road to recovery from drug, alcohol, or substance abuse.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/inter-care-alumni/the-importance-of-aftercare Inter-Care - Aftercare Is Key to Prolonged Sobriety - INTER-CARE believes that it is vital that you begin to build a strong foundation of sober support in sobriety. Aftercare is paramount to saying sober.
  • http://www.inter-care.com/index.php/resources Inter-Care - Resources - External links to help substance, alcohol, or drug abusers gain more insight to their or their family members condition.

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  • Darcy - Only use if your hair isn't suffering from driness

    This was/is horrible. Has a nice smell but it leaves your hair SO greasy after a shower and it dried my hair out even worse than it was before. I bought this to help fix my hair and its even worse now

  • Addicted To Amazon - Glass Cover

    The Shield Intelliglass protector is okay. My biggest issue is that after following instructions i have one section of the glass that never settled. Luckily it was near the edge.

  • Charles Moss - Five stars, because I can't give it 43.

    About time for a book on How To Avoid Huge Hips. I gave it to my wife for birthday, who threw it at me, and then chased me with a sautee pan. Fortunately I speed-read the book and have successfully evaded her ever since.

  • Chelsea - Phew - it works well!

    Let me start off by saying that I've been an Amazon Prime member for years and this is one of the few reviews I've written. I recently purchased a 2014 Kia Optima, in white, that had residue left behind from the factory stickers. I went all winter ignoring it and opting out of bringing it back to the dealer to handle. On a warmer day I spent about an hour using a credit card and my nail to scrape off the glue, but it still left a good amount of residue behind. It was either purchase something, or go back to the dealer. I purchased this product and hesitated for a good week on whether or not to actually use it. I was petrified of ruining the paint more than anything. Naturally I sprayed a bit in an inconspicuous area, let it sit for a few hours, only to come back to nothing but a clean spot. I sprayed about a two-second spray on a piece of paper towel and the glue on each door came off with zero effort. I spent just a few minutes clearing the residue off all four doors. The smell is pretty bad but it's nothing that being outside cannot remedy for you. I recommend this product to anyone who is tired of glue being left behind. I am very pleased with this purchase!

  • CajunMoon - Loooveee it....

    My 10 year old daughter and I have been rocking this CD everyday since receiving it. All the songs we like and best of all they are kid friendly. It's a nice mixture of several genres.