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  • Page Turner - This perfect. It does actually self heal

    This perfect. It does actually self heal. The cuts close up. It helps me cut straight fabric lines as well. I love gadgets associated with my hobbies. Some are keepers and some soon find the trash. This one is a keeper.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    Great product!! Have really bad callus's from being on my feet all day, would manually file them so when I got a promotional code to review it I jumped on it immediately. I was a little unsure as this just stuck me as a "Seen in TV" product that would break right away. However I was completely blown away when trying it. My feet feels a lot softer and the best feature is it doesn't allow you to put too much pressure on your feet. This may seem like a negative at first, but if you are a compulsive filer like me, it's a life saver prevents your feet from feeling raw afterwards.

  • wdlnd - Nice Size, Low Friction

    I was looking to replace my generic freebie round mouse pad I've been using for awhile now. I have a round freebie one that I use at work as well but the one at work is the perfect size for my 19" monitors. At home I have a 24-25" widescreen. The pad I have at home is a little too small and tends to move around a bit. I purchased this one due to it's size and material thickness. I wanted one thicker than the round one that moves around on me. This one is heavy enough to stay in place and almost the perfect size. It's possible that it would work just as well if it was a little smaller. I use a computer all day at work and then again at home so I'm using a mouse a lot. I've found that I can't go without a fabric-top mouse pad.

  • K. Swenson - ThreeLac?

    So, I bought the threelac because I was having some problems caused by an excess of candida albicans in my digestive tract. I had already experienced incredible relief from these symptoms from just changing my diet, which makes it hard to say if the threelac really helped at all. The lemon flavored one tastes nice, but I keep thinking about how probiotics are sensitive to heat and I have no idea what temperatures they are stored at in the Amazon warehouse or in the shipping process. Or if they were in the sun for a while and the product was already dead. Who knows! They could be helping a tremendous amount, but because I've changed my diet so much (in a very healthy way) I just haven't noticed the effect of this product. If you're considering buying it because of yeast, just get a book called "Feast Without Yeast", get a good refrigerated probiotic, and schedule yourself some colonics. Seriously. They help to remove the yeast from your large intestine. Also, whole coconut milk and/or coconut oil. They have a high lauric acid content which has been found very effective in treating candida, as well as many other problems that affect your immune system.

  • Barb - Mich - Must have for writers

    Having been a successful writer when my kids were little, other jobs took my time. Now retired, and re-entering the field, I needed updating. Internet has improved greatly, but I am most comfortable with a book in my hands. Or on my lap as Writer's Market is now huge, with many publishers I never heard of. It opens a whole new world, with dollar signs blinking.

  • Tiara White - Great Beginner Treadmill

    I bought this because I wanted to start running. I live in an industrial park and there are no sidewalks at all. Walking in the street with large trucks speeding by is pretty scary so I looked into treadmills. I'm not well-versed on treadmills but this one had pretty decent reviews and the product description said it would work for running. I didn't want a cheapy treadmill (there were some that were way cheaper than this one) but we couldn't afford a really high end one. I also wanted something with a belt long enough for my boyfriend. He's 6'2 and I'm 5'2 so there's quite a height difference between us.