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  • Sandra L. Lopez - Really works!!!

    I've been using this product for 2 years. Love it! But it does take practice applying it. I don't think this is a product to be put all over your face. It is just to fix small areas. I use it below my eye and it really tightens the area up so it looks smooth. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it turns the area a little light. I put a moisturizer first and then some makeup before applying the Ageless. Like I said, takes practice.

  • Mike N - Good Stuff

    Really good paint, after prepairing the wheel following the directions the paint went on evenly and easily. The wheels look better than new.

  • wbowes - Great Software

    Started using this software, and it seems it will do just what I need. I am a criminologist and have been looking for software that will allow me to easily map population and economic data against crime statistics in hopes that this will make it easier to spot trends.

  • gsownsby - Bitdefender/Windows 8/Lenovo U310 Touch - Bad Company

    For several weeks after installing Bitdefender on my new Lenovo U310 Touch running Windows 8, my PC stopped being blazing fast on bootup and normal use. Contacts with Bitdefender Tech Support were promptly answered and all instructions given were followed; however, the situation did not improve. They even provided the 2014 version to me at no charge to see if it helped...no change. At a few points of high frustration, I had every intention to use Windows Uninstall to remove it but when attempting to uninstall, Bitdefender offers the option to repair so I tried that on at least three occasions but again no real improvement.

  • Kyle - Book Review: Coming Apart by Charles Murray

    I recently finished reading Charles Murray's Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, which I received complimentary from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. Coming Apart is the culmination of several decades of Murray's work as a political scientist who has studied modern American society and culture. Murray explains that he uses white Americas as the reference point for the book because white America is used by everyone else as the reference point for how minorities fair in the United States in ares such as education, disposable income and job possession. This gets to the heart of Coming Apart, the reference point used by everyone is changing, and that means America is changing. In Coming Apart Murray argues that American culture is facing a crisis of two classes that exist on opposite extremes of one another and their increasing isolation and lack of common ground for understanding one another threatens to divide the political and social unity of America.

  • E. Nguyen - A wonderful, inexpensive face lotion.

    You don't need expensive or ~fancy~ creams from nieman marcus and what not. You really don't. Cerave works wonders. It was recommended to me by dermatologist, and I love it. I wish I had been using it my entire life.

  • Gene Cloner - A larger range of song list for the kids - should call it Just Dance Family; nothing online!

    This kids version of Just Dance is some what toned down compared to the regular version I have seen in my friends house. The song selection is a bit too wide starting from nursery rhymes through some recent pop music. I guess the developers tried to please the entire family. However, the songs are all fairly decent and not too much adult or questionable lyrics.