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  • No Signature - You're better off with just a couple cap fulls of white ...

    Following the directions on the box, this product does not work. It leaves a weird residue behind that takes several washes to remove. It does nothing for any odor in the machine, and is a total gimmick. You're better off with just a couple cap fulls of white vinegar and the "sanitize" cycle once a week.

  • Adamada - Don't purchase anything....

    So I bought pants and a shirt from this app and they have a tracking number to help track your order and it had said my items should of arrived but I'm still waiting for them.... Seems very sketchy and I'm beginning to think this is a scam. From what I've read, the clothes aren't gonna be accurate in size or material. Getting a refund is probably going to be impossible.

  • K. Williams - Protection all around

    I had webroot for one year, years ago, and it did everything. No hacks, no viruses, no virus tricky downloads, no shut down or anything. That product did the job credibly and then some. I was just about to buy Norton because of the sale, until I saw this was on sale. Webroot didn't fail me before so, I'm buying it today. Real person here, not trying to sell or discount other merchant. Thanks for viewing. Now I've never had Norton to compare the two. Also, webroot didnt block me from alot of sites, just warned me that the site had potential for viruses....etc. God Bless everyone, hope you buy a good product for yourself. I however can not comment on this particular item, being that I don't have it. The brand is awesome.

  • Kathleen Roper - no disk for kindle

    The book keeps referring to the disk which comes with the hardback copy. kindle copy doesn't appear to have access to it.

  • Amazon Customer - Used and broken

    I bought this Xbox for my boyfriends birthday and upon receiving it in the mail, the Amazon box was in perfect condition, but the Xbox box itself was all scratched up. I opened it and nothing looked damaged. When he plugged in and turned on the Xbox, it worked perfectly, or so we thought. We quickly learned that it was used, despite the fact that no where was I notified that this was a used console. Then, when trying to play a game, the disc drive sounded like a wood chipper when opening/closing and the disc would not read.

  • Tony - Very loud, So far Good, EXCEPT: causing my music to stop playing randomly and repeatedly?

    So far, so good with one exception. I've been using my regular Bluetooth headphones for a while, and as my review noted, I really like them. Except for one thing, their volume has gone down so much they were pretty much useless during airline flights where the ambient noise made the music indiscernible. To save me from crying kids and give me my music, I ordered these Senso headphones. They look nice and synch'd up easily. They are capable of very loud volume (YES!) and a default heavy base (I had to ramp that down for some music). I took them for a bike ride and sweated like the pig that I am and the functioned well, the only problem being excessive wind noise. This may be because I used the standard buds instead of trying a larger set--I'll find out. The ONLY disturbing feature, and the reason why one star has been docked, is because when I use these earphones, the music player on my Samsung Galaxy S7 will randomly stop playing. No reason, warning or anything given. I have to then unlock the screen, and hit "play" again. Is this something anyone else is having problems with?