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  • Mary - Great mats

    These were a gift for my son's RT Challenger. They are heavy weight and fit the car perfectly. I feel the side edges should be a bit higher to work better as slush mat. I have a Jeep with slush mats and the outer edges are higher and better at containing bad weather muck and accidental spills. He loves them.

  • David Major - Love My Database

    I have been using Microsoft Access in all it's forms since Windows 3.1, probably 20 years or more. It is a wonderful database for creating applications, even if you don't know "Visual Basic", and even easier if you do. (I don't, but have a friend who does that I can call on when I need help or advice.) Anyway, Access has continued to get better and better through the years, and the current version is excellent. Make sure to populate your Quick Access Toolbar with the tools you use frequently, so you don't have to switch from tab to tab on the ribbon. I have used this version only for a couple of weeks, and if I run into problems after the new version smell wears off I will revise my rating.

  • jinx_nm - Huge Hidden Problem!

    I was enthusiastic to save money with Magic Jack Plus, and I was pleased with the call quality until I learned of a huge hidden issue. A client of mine tried to call me from a business that has a large phone network, and for whatever reason their phone number is not displayed by caller ID. Instead of ringing straight through, she heard a tacky Magic Jack ad followed by a message that her call could not be completed. When I contacted Magic Jack to learn how I could change this setting, they offered no alternative. I told them that this was a deal breaker for me, so they told me how to cancel service. This could be a huge issue for anyone who receives calls from large businesses, institutions, or friends and family members that have restricted numbers (as some people in law enforcement do for their own protection). If I do not want to answer an unidentified call I prefer to receive it, let it go to voicemail, and then call the person back if it is legitimate. Not receiving important calls, or worse yet looking tacky to clients are real business killers. I wish I had known in advance, so I felt compelled to let others know to save them the inconvenience of buying the unit and service and then cancelling.

  • john0592john - This oil works great after 2 weeks of using it I have seen ...

    This oil works great after 2 weeks of using it I have seen a complete change in my facial hair it has grown a lot. My facial hair is a lot thicker and it has grown a lot more than what it usually doesn't in two weeks