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  • Alex - Stay away from this!

    Their service never worked properly - every time i tried to make a call I heard their message "Error 3002 call magicjack....." , after calling their

  • M. Hughes - Amazing time saver

    This is the greatest kitchen utensil ever! Can't believe how much time I used to waste with a ruler and pencil, marking my bananas to get those perfectly uniform slices. I was terrible at geometry and trigonometry so it was hard for me to get exact measurements on curved bananas with a straight ruler. Then I had to go back and remove the pencil marks after slicing. There was always that tiny eraser smudge on every slice. This wonderful gadget frees up much more time that can be spent marking my cantaloupes for perfect slices--and boy do I need all the help I can get. It's even harder to use my ruler to mark round fruit than curved fruit. Hutzler, you're the best. All my friends are getting one of these for Christmas.

  • Lois Brunner - I HAVE NOT USED THIS AS YET

    I have not put this into use as yet, so I am not really qualified to rate it. Hopefully, I am going to be glad I purchased it.

  • M. Cloney - Any other dance game is superior

    They really dropped the ball on this one. It should be called Just Simon Says or something along those lines, because the dance moves are so esoteric and impossible to mimic quickly that one quickly becomes frustrated. I'm sure you can turn off the video recording on the Kinect, but it was HORRIFYING to see myself dancing after each song. That's probably more on me for being a despicable dancer, but still. UbiSoft has been slowly going downhill with this series, and with this one I think they've reached rock-bottom. Nowhere to go but up? Maybe. But after buying four other titles in this series I think this is probably my last.