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  • http://www.hrmorning.com/managers-dealing-with-negative-attitudes/ Dealing with negative employees - Every workplace has negative employees who erode morale. They’re not always easy to pick out of a crowd, but they can do an amazing amount of damage over time.

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  • Martha - Difficult read

    This is NOT an easy read. I'm about halfway thru it and finding it tedious. A lot of information but his style of not liking paragraphs makes it hard to take it all in. I'm having to work too hard to get thru this, not sure if I'll finish. I'm starting to skip sections now - that's not a good sign.

  • Troublebaker - Excellent Shampoo & Wash

    The Burt's Bees Baby Bee shampoo & wash works very well. It does not burn my daughters eyes and it leaves a nice clean scent but nothing overly fragrant. If you prefer more of an "in your face" fragrance after your child comes out of the bath this may not be the product for you. Otherwise I think its an excellent choice!

  • BostonBelle - Attention Sugar Addicts!

    I found this book easy to read and the BFC 'lifestyle' even simpler to adapt to. The foods I eat can be found anywhere! Breakfast:Cheerios & Almond milk; Snack:string cheese; Lunch:Lean Cuisine Roast Turkey and Vegetables; Snack: Better Cheddars; Dinner: A salad made with turkey deli meat, avocado, lettuce, and Newmans Caesar dressing. If I want sugar in my cereal I add Truvia which is sold at 3 of my local grocers. If I want coffee, I order it with heavy cream and add a packet of Truvia. 'Legal' sugars are Stevia, Truvia or erythritol, and Xylitol. Weight Watchers worked for me for a while- but I craved sugar all the time!! The South Beach induction phase was too strict for me. The book offers 'Carb Swap' meals and Jorge's site offers alternatives if you're dining out. I occasionally hit McDonald's and I order an Angus burger no bun and a small fry. I no longer crave sugar and can easily satify my sweet tooth with Sugar free York peppermint patties or Sugar free Hershey squares. I love The Belly Fat Cure!

  • Jack - "Works", but not as a permanent solution. Completely unusable in a practical manner because app is ALWAYS trying to connect...

    Well. It was an awesome idea... and I put the thing in my wallet... But, as other comments said (which I recklessly disregarded) it constantly (and i mean constantly tries to bluetooth to the phone. I had to unpair it. It would try to pair during calls, during anything I was doing on the phone. I might try to get it to work again. The concept is good, but... If there is a major step that I am missing, it certainly is not in the instructions. Bluetooth is not my preferred way to do this, but this seems to be the only idea out that at the moment...

  • Ayde - Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    My husband is loving these Bluetooth headphones. We had another pair that my dad took a liking to so I let him have them. Originally I bought this pair for me so I can use them on road trips as I listen to my audio books. I intended on letting my husband use them for when he exercised but he liked them so much that he actually took them from me. Now these are very easy over the ear, none tangle and easy setup.