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  • T. Ruby Johnson - Pretty cool!

    I really enjoyed it that you get to play as several different wild Savannah animals: a cheetah, gazelle, rhino, Hyena, hippo, zebra, crocodile, elephant, and a vulture. You get a different set of dens depending on if you're a land, water, or flying animal. One of my favorite editions to the game is that when you breed, your mate becomes pregnant and you have to wait for some minutes before the baby arrives. You have multiple save files so you can start up a new game without having to get rid of your previous one.

  • A. Phan - Great Book! Gives tips and tricks that can help you improve your score.

    I absolutely loved this practice and prep book! I was really struggling with reading comprehension on the Upper Level SSAT. This book gave me tips and tricks that were very useful. Along with 3 whole practice tests for the SSAT, there were around 100 problems for reading comprehension that greatly improved my score. I would definitely recommend this to anyone taking the SSAT or ISEE. There is one flaw, as there is a general answer format for the math section that wasn't included in this practice tests. For example, there is usually one graph interpretation problem in the SSAT that was not included.

  • jesse haselbarth - Just what i was looking for.

    Bought it for my bike. I read a review somewhere that a guys wife said it felt like wearing a garbage bag. kind of does in a way but you get used to the feel of the material. I like the zippered pits and under the collar hood. i'm 5'6"and stocky. the medium fit great for casual wear but i had to get the large for freedom of movement while riding . i never wear it otherwise. it's just too big.

  • arabeeyah - Miracle In A Bottle

    My husband gets really horrible, huge, angry, painful bumps on the back of his head & neck from shaving. This has been going on for years and we've tried everything. After further researching I came across this product and knew I had nothing to lose after wasting money on all the other products that did nothing and the reviews for this were wonderful. My husband had results within 2 days and all his bumps were completely cleared! We were both in disbelief and have kept looking every day just knowing that a bump will appear. 2 weeks later still not a single bump. This is truly a miracle for my husband and we are beyond pleased with this product. It's a must have and I'm ordering another bottle now just to ensure husband never goes without. Make sure you follow the directions correctly. I do believe it makes a difference.

  • Jesse - Went back to the Deathadder

    Decent mouse but its no Deathadder. Used for 2 weeks, they say the build quality has improved but its still not on par with the bigger brands. The side buttons look like their from a modeling kit the rubber top began showing signs of wear after the first day. Coming from a Corsair m90 that I had been accused of hacking with in many fps games to the Razer Deathadders sensor was a huge difference. From Deathadder to Final mouse I wasn't impressed the sensor may be as good as the Deathadder Chroma's but no better. Returned it due to the poor quality and that I already had the Deathadder Chroma which in this case is far superior. I bought into the hype make an educated decision don't be sheep.

  • sodakar - Great warmer, average instructions

    With far more potential energy than dry hand warmers and/or AA-based hand-warmers, this pocket warmer delivers.

  • Larry Wahler - Not a Dummie Now!

    What a great cost for a great product! Many things that were confusing are now, no Problem! Thanks for selling this at a price some of us can actually afford!