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  • Garrette Sanislo - Perfect zombie survival weapon!

    I purchased this Wenger 16999 Swiss Army knife to help my survival chances during zombie outbreaks. In previous zombie outbreaks, I have struggled to perform many survival duties. Since receiving this amazing tool, zombie outbreaks are a breeze! Not only does the Wegner 16999 have a great combination kitana sword/axe/scythe weapon (#5,642), it also has an AR-15 with ACOG scope, tripod, and laser attachment (#2,912) so your shots are always accurate! It also has a tree stand (#9,667) so you can get high above the zombies and they can't get to you! These attachments are also perfect for deer hunters! Then there's also the fishing pole tool (#217) and tackle box with 624 compartments to hold just about every type of lure you can think of (lures sold seperately). There's also a claw hammer (#19), cordless electric drill (#22), and a solar charger for drill, cell phones, car batteries, TARDIS, and any regular rechargeable battery (#23)! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there is also an entire full sized stone castle with titanium reinforced doors, drawbridge, and moat with alligators, piranha, and fricken' sharks with fricken' laser beams on their fricken' heads(#16,998)!!!! This truly is the greatest zombie outbreak survival tool ever made! I highly recommend everyone buys one for every person they know! Don't worry about the high price because it even has a tool that gives you the winning lottery numbers (#19,999) (*one time use only) so it pays for itself and then some!

  • L. Lynn - Perfect Double!

    I absolutely love this stroller! I've had it for a little over a year, and it is still in great condition even though it gets every day use. I really can't understand the negative reviews. This stroller pushes very well and is very light...it feels lighter pushing two kids than my single stroller did pushing just one. The carseat is easy to put in and out, and my 17 month old loved riding in the back when her brother was born. Now that he is big enough, they switch and take turns sitting in the front and back seats and neither has a problem with either. I've never had the problem of the stroller folding while they are still in it, and even though we had trouble with one of the side wheels deflating, with a replacement wheel, it pushes like a dream again. My husband and I run, and we've both pushed the stroller while jogging and have no complaints. It pushes easily, and the tires are built for jogging stroller, even if it isn't said by the manifacturer to be a "jogging stroller." Yes, it's bulky, but I haven't seen a double stroller that isn't. I am 5'2" and can pick up and put this into the back of our van without a problem. It even fits vertically with the back seat up with the front wheel taken off (which is easy, one button and it pops off). This stroller has saved me from having a single stroller, double stroller, double jogger, sit and stand, ect. in a small house without much storage. It's the perfect all in one stroller since it can be all of the above and more. My only complaint, and I mean only complaint, is that the back seat is a three point harness instead of five, so my son likes to wiggle his way out on occasion. A child tray would be fun, but a snack cup on a BooginHead SippiGrip attached to the stroller works well for both passengers!

  • Brian - Simple and Windows 7 Compatible

    I have been using Quicken 2003 up until now when I upgraded my operating system to Window 7. Amazon had the best price for Quicken 2010. Bought it and installed with no problem. I use Quicken 2010 for personal savings and checking, my small business checking and savings and my Roth IRA. Easy to use.

  • Jenny - Alleviates my premenstrual symptoms

    For sometime, I've sufferred with unbearable menstrual cramps...i've gotten checked for eveeerything and im fine, but I needed something more on the natural route and this stuff is wonderful. I do take pain alleviators such as Midol as well, and without this, it feels like i took nothing to treat the pain associated with my PMS. Hope my review an help pthers that suffer from bad cramps. :)

  • ThatGuy - it is not the DRM, this game is just plainly BORING

    people rating this game at one start because of the DRM are silly. The DRM is the LEAST of the problem. The problem is the game itself.

  • Amazon Please grandfather in loyal Prime customers! - Don't go by the 5 star reviews!!!

    I always read the reviews on Amazon before purchasing a product. If the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive, I'll take the negative ones into consideration but will generally go ahead with the purchase. This is the first time that approach has not worked. As indicated in earlier reviews, the mouse pad is very hard (not at all what one would expect from the picture or "memory foam" name) and has a horrible smell! I am not exaggerating! I am genuinely perplexed at the 5 star reviews.

  • Lauren P. - They give great support to my feet

    I needed to replace my Nike free sneakers, and found these to be just a little more padded, yet still very flexible. They give great support to my feet, and are comfortable to wear all day long.