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  • Frank K. Gaza - One of the Best MS Project books out there

    This is a great book. I have been teaching MS Project at the local university (continuing education dept) for over fifteen years, and way back in 1994 you could find several good books on MS Project. Step by Step was good in its early days. And of course the Que series by Tim Pyron were classics--especially the year that Gus Cicala and his team ghost wrote half of the book when Tim became ill (whatever happened to Tim---and Woody's Watch for MS Project? Ah, the good old days). Well recent years and the collapse of the book industry saw many of those great texts go away, probably due to economics, and in the vacuum a lot of sub par books came out, basically rewrites of the help section of MS Project. Discouraging. Then this past year one of my students recommended Eric's book. It is excellent. And Eric has the perfect PMI-esqe curmudgeon style that is just plain fun to read---especially if you are a project manager! (We are a sick lot, admittedly, but we contribute greatly to the gross national product, so give us a break!). Looking for a reference book or "teach me how" book for MS Project? Go no further. This book is tops.

  • Benny Profane - Easy, works great

    Won't overdo it with details here because all you need to know is that this product does exactly what it claims to do. I bought it as an "extender" because our router, located in my home office, is about 25 yards from our main TV and our streaming of Netflix, etc., has been inconsistent and slow. I plugged it in. Followed easy instructions. And now our Netflix is rolling at HD speed. If you're looking for an extender at a reasonable price, buy this product.

  • tigerchick - A Little Awkward

    This book had a few good parts, and a semi-good plot, but some parts were unrealistic and left the reader feeling awkward, such as when Nicole broke her arm, just like that, and it hardly effected the story, it was unneeded. Also, some parts of the story were written badly and needed more emotion, I had a hard time understanding how Nicole was feeling other than based off my own experiances. Though this story was intresting, I would not recommend it .

  • William Drawbond - 2012 F-150 FX2 SuperCrew Floor Mats

    I read a lot of reviews on different floor mats, but this one had the rear seat floor mat that covered the entire back floor. It even goes under the rear seat. I've got kids, and we sometimes eat on the road. This is my first brand new truck that I've ever purchased and wanted to provide the most protection possible. Both the front and rear mats are costumed formed and fit perfectly. IMHO, a must have for any new vehicle.

  • Christopher Wesley - Cheaply priced products coming from China.

    This is a very interesting app where it essentially a Chinese shopping platform. All of the products are cheaply priced but just so you know that's because they are coming from China. So far the products themselves that I've ordered have been good and considering the distance that they are coming from the shipping has been relatively quick with most products arriving within a couple weeks. So as long as all of that is okay with you they do have some pretty good deals to choose from.