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  • janice foster - Better instructions

    Because I can't get it to down load on my pcs. If I had better instructions. I would rate it again I had this last year went to put in on my pcs and it said invalid. Very frustrated

  • whinty89 - one of the better 1st word books out there

    i bought this book for my 1 year old daughter after she ate/destroyed her other first words book. i was trying to find a book that would catch her eye and help spark her interest. This book has definitely done that. We (me and her) love the bright colors and the fact that all of the pictures are the perfect size. Shes already learned a could words from the book which is awesome and she wants us to read it to her all of the time. this book is much stronger and durable than all of the other board books we have found, she plays with this thing everyday since we bought it and has yet to bite through or tear it. its the perfect size for her to carry around and fits nicely in the diaper bag if we are on the go. That being said there are some things im not a fan of. i know that they are trying to interest boys and girls, but they do not need 2pages of vehicles. its a waste of space and words. i highly doubt my kid is going to be walking around saying motorcycle dump truck and tractor already. in some of the action pages it shows a baby doing whatever the word is. some of the are iffy but as an adult i get it i dont think she would though.

  • CosmoStarMan - Looks good and it works.

    Got a super fast delivery on this product. Unpacked it and had to wait a day to check it out. Removing the shipping braces in the bottom of the unit can be tricky because the nuts and bolts are really tight (thats good) but the metal used to make these particular four nuts and bolts is just a little on the soft side and care must be used that a good wrench doesn't strip the shape of the corners on the nuts when removing. Be sure to read the manual prior to starting. I put the unit on the deck and funneled in some oil (It says it holds a quart but be sure you don't overfill with that quart). I then set up a ground wire and installed a quart of gas. I just wanted to do a test run and didn't want to leave gas in the tank when I stowed away the unit. I found my good heavy load extension cord and a double burner hot plate that had been stored in the garage for too many years. Next I set the gas valve to open and put the choke lever to choke, flipped the red rocker switch for engine start / stop operation then moved the breaker flip switch to the on position and pulled the starter cord. One pull with the choke on and it started right up. I flipped the choke to the off position and it was crusing. I hooked up the two burner hot plate and varied out the burner operation as I ran one burner on its limit of med, then the other burner on high and watched both burners get red hot. It would vary the speed of the generator as I tinkered with the hot plate switches. That particular hot plate information show it draws 1750 watts. I had it on most of the time and the quart of gas lasted about 20 minutes under that load. It looks good and it works fine. I didn't order the wheel kit and was able to lift and slide the unit as needed but sat it on another wheeled unit (that I already had)and it works pretty good for now, but I may order the wheels kit and cover later. This unit measures appx. a compact 17.5H x 17.5W x 23.5L and is a neat fit in a cozy corner. (I am currently storing mine in the dining room) The price was $370 with free shipping and it turned out to be a pretty good deal so far.

  • jayme olivarez - This product has worked amazing on my teeth

    This product has worked amazing on my teeth. I have discolored teeth and wanted white teeth again. I have tried everything on the market to get my teeth white besides the dentist which I am trying to avoid at this time. So I saw this product and gave it try could not hurt. I liked how it worked faster than most products out there. It is time consuming but well worth it.

  • Sara - broken with-in 1 year

    Bought this carriage, it looks nice but the quality looks to be poor, for no reason it broken with-in 1 year.

  • Bergen County, NJ - This product works great for me

    This product works great for me. A stylist suggested that SH products are loaded with alcohol. I know nothing about the chemistry of hair products, but I like the lift I get at the root, and since that's the area of my hair that endures very little stress of styling and coloring, I'm okay with the alcohol.

  • Layne - Best eye moisturizer I've found

    As I've gotten older, it seems the skin around my eyes has gotten quite dry. This is the only product I've found that moisturizers without irritating my eyes. I've been using it for several years now.