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Dental Supplies, Medical Supplies and Veterinary Supplies from Henry Schein - Worldwide Distributor - Henry Schein is a worldwide distributor of medical, dental and veterinary supplies including vaccines, pharmaceutical products, financial services and equipment.

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  • C. Sprickman - I received an older version of this as part of ...

    I received an older version of this as part of a bundle. This was enough to get Nova Development (the company that creates this mess) my email address. For at least 5 years, they have been on a non-stop spam spree every time a major holiday comes around. Contact through their "unsubscribe" link and various email addresses did not help. Beware - if you buy this, you will be spammed to death.

  • Amazon Customer - The good: The printer has a lot of nifty modern ...

    The good: The printer has a lot of nifty modern features, such as Air Print (using Apple products), wifi, etc. All these features work very well. The ink was also a great idea. The printer prints colors very nicely. I was very happy with this printer for about a week.

  • Andrea D - Flex Ab Belt by Slendertone

    It works quite well...I mean you still need to watch what you eat, go to the gym, etc...but I have noticed more definition in my abs - dont get me wrong it's a miracle in a belt...you have to work at it by exercising and eating right. but it is a great tool to have too...I have been using it since early March and so many people have told me that I look alot thiner (I am a new mom and hade a C-section) but with this belt it's not so hard to take off the inches on your waist! Anyone that says it doesnt work is probably eating cupcakes and pizza, and not working out...

  • Mary Frame - Fun Gift for Yourself or Another GOT Fan

    This product does look exactly like the Hand of the King pin from Game of Thrones but it is fairly small as a pin or brooch. It is made of metal but is rather thin, and particularly the blade portion seems like it would be prone to breaking, I would suggest to handle it with care. The only major issue I noticed with this is that the pin holder portion is a bit hard to move and the pin itself seems a bit flimsy and is hard to keep stiff when you need to actually pin it. I found it challenging to get the pin to slide into the clasp and for the clasp to close while I was wearing the pin, which was a bit annoying. However, this pin looks great and is a fun little collectible for Game of Thrones fans that would make a lovely gift.