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  • Dane Navarro - Nice print and illustrations

    I love the illustrations and how the pages are durable. Doesn't tear easily. The spiral version is hard to carry in your bag though.

  • XAVIER BIRD - Brought the flavor of Bananas back

    Before the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer I stopped eating bananas because my chainsaw made them taste like bar oil. I couldn't find a lumber jack small enough for bananas either which caused me to ruin my granite counter tops.Thanks Hutzler 571 for bringing the joys of eating banana's back.

  • Survivalkraft - Not Perfect . . . But REALLY Good!

    I really like the TN12 (2014) from Thrunite. But I try to be fair in this review, pointing out some things that need improvement, not just things I love about this light.

  • Amazon Customer - ... who is writing these reviews but this movie is great, I almost didn't watch it because of the ...

    I don't know who is writing these reviews but this movie is great, I almost didn't watch it because of the bad reviews. It stuck with the story added depth for a 3rd movie. I like the fast pace the movie took. Good job, you people must be too hard tp please.

  • Michael R. Johnson - One of my favorite hair products I've used

    One of my favorite hair products I've used. I have medium-thick hair, and this is great for holding tall spikes, messy spikes, faux-hawks, comb-overs or any other way I do my hair (I change my hair a lot).

  • Elizabeth C. Hardeman - Okie Dokie

    My husband works at a machine shop and his clothes are so oil soaked and smell just horrible. By the time he does a load or two my machine looks like something I want to toss in the trash. Totally grosses me out when I go to wash my items including sheets and towels etc. I have spent so much time having to scrub the washer and then do a few loads of whites with a ton of bleach. To top that off we have well water which has a smell of its own. I had already spent two hours scrubbing the washer before I saw this item. I tossed one of the tablets in first thing this morning. I really didn't notice much difference. There were a few places which I purposely left dirty when I cleaned. Nothing which I couldn't have wiped off. When I cycle completed the few small smudges where still there. I wasn't real happy about that, however I noticed right away that the washer had a very light fresh scent. I will give it another shot in a few weeks hoping that it works better. I understand that there may have been build up that I couldn't see. For now the fresh scent works for me.