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  • Jason - Perfect

    Bought this for Hurricane Sandy came to just over $300 with AMZN prime. It came to my house the next day. We never lost power before, but I was happy to have this generator as we ended up losing power for more than 4 days.

  • Mike Loeb - better than a MBA

    A wealth of knowledge contained within. As one person said about the book, "if you gave me a choice between reading Berkshire's shareholder letters or an MBA, I would take the first choice every time." And he was right. This book helped me think about understanding business economics, corporate governance, and creating shareholder value throughout with several ancillary lessons sprinkled throughout.

  • digginitez - Save my Company Phone

    I bought this based on the thousands of reviews, price tag, and the fact that it came with two so if I screwed up the first, I could try again with the second. It was easy to put on and saved my phone. My phone fell this weekend and I had a hairline crack on the screen. I worried that it had gone all the way through. Took out the second screen protector that came with the package, held my breathe while taking off the first to assess the damage, and my phone's screen is still perfect...and there were two more hairline cracks that I had NO IDEA were on the screen protector as well. I was still worried and the extent of the crack so I expected air bubbles to show when applying the new screen protector, highlighting damage that was so fine I couldn't see and...nothing. My phone really is perfect. This protector saved it! This purchase was well worth every penny (and more) that I paid. Highly recommend!

  • TriciaRose - Just doesn't feel right...

    I haven't seen much weight change, but it definitely does suppress your appetite. The caffeine works great to wake you up in the morning too. However, it has also caused slight insomnia and stomach pains/nausea if I eat too much. And after the initial wakeup jolt in the morning, I feel sluggish and grouchy. Personally, I think the cons outweigh the pros. I just feel like it's doing more harm than good to my body.