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Groupcall | Communication & Data Management Solutions - Groupcall provides trusted communication, data and identity management solutions for the education, public and business sectors. Discuss your needs today.

  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/messenger Groupcall Messenger | School Management Software - Groupcall Messenger is used by over 5,000 schools in the UK. Send personalised messages to parents, staff and students. Request a free trial today.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge Groupcall Emerge | Student Information System - Groupcall Emerge is the flexible, cost-effective gateway to real-time MIS data, accessible from wherever you are. Discover the app you can trust.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/xporter/ Groupcall xporter | MIS Data Exporter - Groupcall Xporter makes it easy to extract information from multiple MIS systems and transfer it securely and in a uniformed format. Download our brochure.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/alert/ Groupcall Alert | Instant Alert System - Groupcall Alert is an instant messaging system you can rely on when you need it most. Send bulk SMS & email messages for reminders & emergencies instantly.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/works-in-both-offline-and-online-modes Groupcall Emerge | Offline & Online MIS - Groupcall Emerge works both online & offline. Emerge syncs with your MIS data which can then be used on school trips or as a backup to your existing system.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/it-works-with-your-mis Groupcall Emerge | Complete MIS Integration - Groupcall Emerge is currently available for SIMS and Facility CMIS. Seamlessly sync data for use on the go. Request a free trial today.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/take-attendance-anywhere Groupcall Emerge | Attendance - Take attendance anywhere with Emerge. Emerge can be used in school, on the playing field and on school trips too. Request a free trial.

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  • J. Springer - Rugged Ranch Products SQRTO Squirrelinator Trap...

    This item came several days late and did not catch a single squirrel. I tried all kinds of food but no takers. It is well made and looks like it would catch them, but did not work for me. I liked it since the squirrels would be alive for transporting once caught.

  • Page McCarley - perfect size - best quality of key finders

    Love the new Design. While it's only a tad smaller, i tmakes a big difference. What sets tile apart is that these have much better connectivity compared to the other trakcing devices I have tried.

  • Jamaica - Good Buy!

    Nice Set. I like how this product comes with a manual that will help you on your journey of pimple popping exploration LOL. I like how there are various tools that help you dig out all of the little blackheads that you were dying to get for months on end. I wish the tools had more shapes because most of them are quite the same just smaller or bigger other than that I am enjoying this set. I love to watch dr. Pimple popper on YouTube and using this set makes me feel like I'm a pro. I Love to watch her (Yes I know it's kinda gross) what it gives you satisfaction knowing that all the little blackheads and other things are out of your body it sounds weird but it's pretty relieving for those pickers out there in the world. I know I'm not alone here lots of people like to pick at scabs in using this little tool set will help you on your way. *DISCLAIMER* I received this product at a free or discounted rate for my honest opinion.

  • Brix - I absolutely love the product and would have given it five stars ...

    I absolutely love the product and would have given it five stars but when I received it the bottom of the tub was smashed and now I have to find an appropriate sized box to return it for a refund.

  • Reece Zimm - DH approved

    Used these couple times a week for most of the summer. I do downhill mtb, and some motocross. For mtb these were fantastic, no tears, fingers stayed together, and no real issues. Protected my hands on a few falls, didn't slip around and fit well. I have large skinny hands and fingers, I got size Large and fit good.

  • purpleclover12 - Sharks, Jets, Bananas

    I am just a humble choir director trying to change the world through singing, one crazy teenager at a time. Today as the men and I embarked on a 90 minute West Side Story rehearsal, I couldn't help but notice that my jets had lost their steam; my sharks had lost their bite. The dance fighting was more like sleep walking. Riff and Bernardo gave the impression that they were only frenemies, not the leaders of bitter rival gangs. It was a theatrical disaster. What is a director to do? To whom do I turn?