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So, WHAT’s all the Fuss about Green Tea? - Green Tea Paradise provides all the answers to why green tea is the healthiest choice for you. Experience its wonders!

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  • Emily F. - WORTH A SHOT

    I have used this juice a few times before and always noticed results. Typically I weigh around 200 pounds, when I use this product I still eat some food like small healthy snacks and a small dinner. This product actually helps with cravings, I have found it hard to sip on it for some reason, I always end up drinking it pretty quickly and then having to wait till I can make another. It also tastes surprisingly well. I drank this and had my small amount of food intake and over the course of a week and lost 10 pounds. I'm sure with dedication to the rules you could see better results in less time. I did notice that my stomach was hurting and felt like I could puke (I had not eaten) by the 5th day so I stopped that last drink I made and just continued to fast and drink zero calorie beverages.

  • Amazon Customer - Inclusive language? Not so you would notice

    This is a wonderful edition of these timeless tales. The illustrations are rich and vivid, full of action and life. Even the stories without a full page illustration are decorated with a small, evocative miniature. One reviewer finds the presence of "exclusive" language as a distraction. Please don't be misled -- these are not "politically correct" retellings of Aesop. Indeed, they are more true to the original than most versions of the fables available for children. Check it out for yourself and share it with a child.

  • Carl R. Rogers - The only one to see!

    The best "Scrooge" ever! Be taken back in time to when Christmas was more personal. Alastair Sim plays the lonley and shrewd "Scrooge" like none before & none after him. This "classic" Christmas movie needs to be part of your holiday DVD collection along with your "Charlie Brown" & "Rudolph" DVD's. Watch this DVD & learn one of the great values of the holiday season!

  • Sanchit Aneja - The best fitness tracker i have used to dat

    Pretty darn good device, the analysis it provides after my swimming, cycling and running workout is accurate and very helpful! Used fitness trackers before but certainly this the best I have used so far!

  • Karen M. Nowak - Didn't hold up.

    I bought this because my power cord on my Macbook was starting to crack. This looked like the perfect solution. It seemed to be a perfect fix, but unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 months and then it cracked. It probably dries out over time, but this really wasn't a very long of a fix. I haven't used it on anything since, but seeing how it didn't hold up doesn't give me confidence to want to use it again. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Christopher S. Dunworth - Installed easily, exactly per the instructions

    Fit my 2003 Ford Escape perfectly. Installed easily, exactly per the instructions. Includes all the required pieces for several different installation options. Not exactly the same black plastic as the console, but more than a reasonable match. Provides a small pocket for storage which can be installed under the head unit. Recommended product.