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  • BEA - Devorah - If you ran Norton Antivirus 2012 and loved it... you'll hate this

    I have been a Norton fan since 2005... before that I was a McAfee fan because Norton products hogged up computer performance and McAfee did not. Well this update takes us back to the bad old days... I should have read the forums outside of amazon before I made the purchase. Norton 2013 slows your PC down to a crawl and has add-on products popping out all over like legs on a spider. Horrible! I took my laptop back to factor with a full formate and reinstall just to get rid of it. Thankfully a friend told me about Microsofts Security Essentials which is a FREE Antivirus/Spyware that knits into your OS like ice melts into water. I have never ran so smoothly... tip: make sure you get all your important updates and if you have a mass of them like I did from doing a full format be sure to install the Windows updates in small chunks of about 10 at a time... its quicker than trying to get all the updates with one massive download and install. BEWARE OF NORTON Antivirus 2013 until they get the performance issues fixed... for better still do a format and reinstall using the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft.

  • barbyd32 - An enjoyable read but didn't work for me!

    I read this book with enthusiasm as I was looking for something to help me with EHS. It was very well written and made a lot of sense and I was very hopeful it would work for me! After finishing the book, I ordered a set of mats and the bands. I checked my outlet with the tester they provided to make sure it was grounded. It was! I proceeded to attach the grounding cord to the band and then to my wrist and proceeded to put the other end in the grounding hole. It wasn't long before I was experiencing some of the symptoms I do with electromagnetics...... headaches, shortness of breath, generalized aches and pain. I waited a couple of days and tried it again. Sad to say, it did the same thing. I do believe the stories of others who received help from the Earthing. It just didn't work for me! I will continue my search for something else that will help me and I am happy many found help with grounding!

  • Melina Lantz - Answer to phil's uneducated rantings.

    First of all Anne would have died 10 years or more ago if she didn't do what she did. The reason she died was because Conventional medicine damaged her liver to the point that nothing would help. The fact that she got 10 glorious years is a miracle in itself. 2ndly, What rock are you living under. Anne death was publicized. I heard about it right after it happened.

  • M. Fig - Great Product!

    My washer has a clean setting and this is the brand recommended. They work great. Take the odor right out of my washer. I went a long time without running the clean cycle WITH the affresh and one day I noticed a very strong odor. I popped the sample in that came with my washer and the odor was gone. Then I found this pack on Amazon and made sure to buy them so I'd have them on hand. You are supposed to run it once a month but I just wait for the first hint of odor.