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  • Doris Duzyj - Not So Much

    I found this manual to be a cursory explanation of how to navigate Quickbooks 2012. When confronted with actual problems, the book offers no solutions nor alternate ways to search for what may have been erroneously entered into the software. Although the language is down to earth and sprinkled with humor, much more detailed instruction would have been appreciated by the neophyte user of Quickbooks.

  • J. Toler - A giant RIP-OFF...in my opinion.

    This a RIP-OFF company in my OPINION. They offer a free sample then bill you for $189.00. If you ever order, you are stuck. The stuff is no better than any other product I've used and they are deceptive. If the product is so good why use deceptive practices????

  • M. Avery - Nope. No good. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!! PLEASE!!

    I have had it about 2 weeks now. Every 2 days, I have to reboot and reset up the unit. It is completely unacceptable. I use it as a range extender. I have 2 computers that rely on its connection and spending 15 minutes every 2 days to reboot and set up the connection is NOT okay.

  • L. Bagby - The best natural healer yet

    I read the reviews here and elsewhere (over 1000) and saw that 95% + were positive. Based on the issues folks had solved I decided to try it. I started with and still take 1tsp daily. No tummy or poo issues here. Here's what chgd for me: My migraine (nummular headaches) were instantly gone. My insomnia was gone. My appetite seemed more like normal instead if ravenous. My chronic lower back pain from DDD was relieved to 95% pain free. My neck pain from an old car accident was gone and flexibility restored. Very little if any lactic acid buildup when I workout so I workout longer and harder. Anxiety and confusion I had been having went away. Ability to focus was much improved too. I told my mom about it and gave her 2 tbsp to try for a few days. Her vertigo went away which she has had for 2 years. This has been an incredible find and even if I miss a dose I'm fine still but I don't miss one often.