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  • ModernVampire - ... now years later I buy it every year- I love it!

    I bought this calendar the first year of college and now years later I buy it every year- I love it!

  • JESSE SHOEMAKER - Great for infants

    This adaptor is awesome to hold our 3month in our keyfit carseat! Works like it should. Easier to remove the whole car seat while the child is sleeping, as they stay sleeping too. Instead of lifting out the child from the stroller, you just lift out the whole car seat.

  • poorme 4 - Great start!!!!

    I know this story is geared toward the teen population, but even a granny like me found this story to be enjoyable and intriguing. I would recommend this book to everyone, teens and all between, up to and including this granny if you enjoy the paranormal genre. Great job Bella Forrest!!!!!

  • Stephen Ornelas - Love it!

    Ordered this case after I ordered my iPhone and it still arrived first lol. Its a great case for the price! I have recommended it to others and will continue to do the same. its a very well built case and is a great option for people that don't want a bulky case. I did not receive any discounts for purchasing this product for any review.

  • Amazon Customer - What a love story!

    Even though Lucy& Desi ended their marriage, theirs is a love story of epic joy, heartache, passion, romance, fights, betrayal, but most of all love. They have a love story that goes thru years, thru remarriage to others, thru their deaths. Lucy lived Desi. Desi loved Lucy. We all loved Lucy & Desi. Time may fly by but to sit and watch reruns of "I Love Lucy" is a joy, a giggle, a hysterical laugh that brings tears to your eyes. I found myself crying through bits of this book that are eye opening and make you realize nobody knows what really goes on behind closed doors of a marriage, even one so famous as theirs. This is a true treasure not only for fans but for anybody. What a wonderful book!

  • Theodore J. Bach - garbage

    has so much less then earlier versions no let it ride. supposed to work with windows 7 but is erratic. veryn\ hard to load. half the time when click on icon to open ends up sitting there without opening have to use task manager to close and reboot before it will open maybe. stay away from it. i really like +

  • lawrence white - But this is the best i have ever purchased

    first time buying pool chems online. But this is the best i have ever purchased, Each tablet is wrapped individually so even if you leave out in the sun no fear opening up the container and getting chlorine gas! Thumbs up on this product