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  • Grandma Joyce - Riding away!

    I'm pleased with the bike. The seat is a little hard to move but do-able and one of the holders on the handle bars keeps coming loose. Other than those 2 things its all good.

  • Wade Johnson Jr. - I Think that I am Disappointed

    I thought that Swarovski was going to alternate their annual ornaments between snowflakes and stars. So I am disappointed that this year seemed to be another star and not a snowflake. Some reviewers are calling it a "snowflake", but it looks like a star to me. Swarovski has a smaller ornament labeled 2016 Annual Edition Christmas Star, small" which looks just like it. So I would drop the rating to 3 stars for my disappointment in it not being a snowflake but will add a star for so many saying that it is "beautiful". Have not received them yet but I will be ordering my usual four for family and friends.

  • Neur0n - Regret ever purchasing this game.

    I bought this when it first came out. I been waiting for this game for years. The game was in development for an extremely long time, and the hype for this game was insane. The first few trailers looked awesome, except for the fact they were all movie scenes and not a single game play. I'm extremely disappointed that it took Blizzard all these years to produce this. Only reason they sold as much as they did was because of the hype.

  • Bethann Dotson - Superb Natural Sore Muscle/Pain Reliever

    My husband loves this, especially in the evening. He said "Hot Cream" is so much better than Icy Hot away, Blue Emu, Bengay . He get really bad back pains for several years as the result from an injury. He had tried patches and creams with very little success. I applied this to his back and he said it was cooling, warming, very warming and that there was definite pain relief. The sensation lasted for 20 to 30 minutes but the relief lasted for hours. I had originally purchased it for myself as I try to use all natural ingredients but while checking out the ingredient list saw that it had capsicum and black pepper which contains piperine and I am allergic to both. Was very disappointing but as I said it does work for my husband. It comes in a 8.8 oz jar, is a light orange color with a cross between a cream and gel consistency.The mint smell when the jar is opened is pleasant but it dissipates within a couple of minutes. What he also really like is that it rubs in and gets absorbed within a very sort time, less than a minute in fact about 15 to 30 seconds and the smell is gone within a couple of minutes. I cannot speak to how it works on cellulite but can recommend it for muscle and pain relief. I am sure even with this large bottle I will purchase this again. I received this free or at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Robert L. Amos III - Mold spray review

    The product was shipped in a timely manner and offered at a good price. I did not see a difference in the level of mold or mildew in my apartment after using it. The 2 star comes because the sprayer in the bottle doesn't work anymore and needs to be changed to another bottle. Not going to recommend this one.

  • Danielle - Mixed opinion

    I have a love/hate relationship with almased. Yes it did help me drop 10 lbs when my weight had plateud. Initially I thought the flavor was not great but not too bad either. By the end of using the product I can't even choke it down. I do feel that it helped me cleanse my body and get rid of my sugar addiction as well because the cravings I had before use stopped afterward. Of course when I reintroduced food to my diet they were healthy foods. If you are looking for a product that helps you lose weight I believe this will help as it helped me. However, if you are also concerned about taste then it may or may not be for you. It depends on how serious and dedicated you are to your weight loss. Also consider chia seeds with use of this product for overall health and weight loss.

  • qualitycontrol - Thin plastic doesn't stand up for long

    While I do like the look of these, they were structurally inferior and difficult to assemble unless you had help. The plastic sheets are simply too thin for a dog that might bump into it or jump on top. After several attempts at reassembling them after a good wind storm or one of the dogs tried climbing onto one, I decided to chock this up as a learning lesson. I should have known better going with plastic but I needed a quick fix until I could build a real wood one. Again, if you have a very calm animal and you're keeping these out of any real bad weather, they might work out for you.