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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Ryan Bucshon - Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play ...

    Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play the same people over and over. I don't think anyone plays this on PC.

  • Mark - Seems to help

    Compared to only watching what I eat w/o any supplement, the CLA seems to help with weight loss, and I have been consistently losing several pounds per month. Might all be in my head - maybe it just reminds be to eat healthier, but I'm not going to argue with the results!

  • Katie Robinson - Awesome Seller!

    Perfect as described! Will buy from again. Item was exactly what I was looking for and fit my needs as expected.

  • TammyGrl0528 - Highly recommend! Treat yourself!

    I use twice weekly after using Macadamia shampoo...I use conditioner on days I do not use this mask.

  • Randy Kozy - not up to date

    The first thing I did was look at the streets near my house and I noticed that a street that has been there for over 5 years (Greenland street 93313 zip code) is still not listed. My previous 2006 version was probably as up to date. I have also emailed this information and I would expect a more up to date free complimentary version when available.