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Gay Pride Band - Gay Pride Band - Rainbow colored silicone wristbands to help you celebrate your GLBT Pride!

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  • The Best Book In Print on How to Find a Job! - The Best Book In Print on How to Find a Job!

    "What Color Is Your Parachute 2000?" is a classic. In my opinion, it is the best book on how to find a job in print. Highly readable and filled with practical, doable, and successful ideas from skill identification to Worst and Best ways to find a job, it assists the beginner and the experienced job searcher equally well.

  • asvan - I understood that this pgm would not be as good as S&T

    Having read prior reviews, I understood that this pgm would not be as good as S&T. But even though my expectations were lowered, I am still disappointed. This is a clunky program and even though I've spent a good amount of time with it, it is far far short of what a decent mapping program should be. What I don't understand is why one of these software companies either don't buy the old S&T programming and remarket it or just don't copy the features and intuitiveness of S&T.

  • Wolfie - Great addition to my Kindle experience.

    Great savings. Convenient Kindle delivery and having it with me when my normal routine slows down. Waiting at the doctors office, train or bus goes by faster when you have this magazine downloaded and ready to read. Interesting reading will have you going back for more.

  • Dan M. Beadle - All features needed for long term battery storage

    I have a Corvette and live in snow country. That means putting the car away for the winter. Fortunately, I have a place to store the car. The down side is it isn't heated. Batteries will freeze if they are allowed to discharge. To prevent that, I need to either drive the Corvette regularly, bring the battery inside, or put it on a charger.

  • Donna S Burnett - Great Customer Service

    First the disclaimer: I have only used the Luminess Air System for about 1 month. I almost did not buy the System because of the negative reviews but finally decided to try it. As far as application is concerned, the instructions tell you it is better to spray lightly, let it dry and, if greater coverage is needed, to apply another new thin layer. I only use two coats and my skin looks so much better. I have not yet had a problem with the machine or stylus. However, with an automatic refill every 60 days, I now have too much make-up and the caligraphy eyeliner did not seem to work correctly.