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  • biglove - Camphor galore!

    Bought this for my wife who is a wound care nurse so that she can use it on her lip when dealing with foul smelling wounds.

  • TKMadness - Strong and Durable, Offers Tons Of Knee Support

    My husband works in construction as well as playing sports on a regular basis, and he is completely happy with the way these knew sleeves fit and feel. His knees take a beating and the joints are feeling their age. These sleeves provide just the right amount of support and the material is made of neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber like substance resistant to heat and water.

  • paulpanchula - simple soft toss machine

    i really like this machine. i wish these were avail when i was young.....now i must get this for my son. this is why you always hope for a baby boy ! ...actually would nt surprise me to see gals using this too. for those of you that think everything sucks......any other soft toss machine similar to this .....is hundreds of dollars. lets help a good company and help em sell plenty of these ! HIGHEST SATISFACTION RATING.

  • jvan - Works great for thinner hair

    I have thin hair but when I use this spray after curling and under my roots, it really adds volume. it isn't too heavy for my hair. This was my first time using it and I will be sure to use again.

  • Mr K Fox - Great book for those taking Proton Pump Inhibitors or with heartburn / stomach pain

    Having been on Proton Pump inhibitors for many years for a Hiatus Hernia, and in pain with a suspected ulcer I visited my doctor. I returned with increased strength tablets that made even drinking water painful and my partner thinking there had to be a better way found this book.

  • Daniel A. Wolf - Best 2013 Black Friday offer I have found, great price, great product. No worries

    Ok, first, this is the real thing and it works great. I have been using Norton since it first came out and, to me the install seemed intuitive. Norton moved most of it's subscription updates on line. Just make an account or log onto your existing account and enter the license code from Amazon. It than allows you to download and update Norton 360 on your computer. I already had Norton 360 installed and the upgrade went flawlessly. If you have a previous version of Norton antivirus, I would suggest uninstalling it and installing this version from scratch. If you are uncomfortable downloading and installing programs from on line, I suggest that you purchase the CD version on this offer.