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Flamel Technologies - Flamel Technologies is a specialty pharmaceutical company, with exclusive drug delivery platforms, developing safer, improved controlled release formulation of biologics and small molecule drugs.

  • http://www.flamel.com/about-flamel/governance/ Corporate Governance - Flamel Technologies has a firmly established policy of conducting its affairs by observing the highest standards of business ethics

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  • Kelli B - Great mirror

    My daughter is 14 months old and this is the first mirror I've ever used (I had bought one but took it back because I didn't think I needed it). I am constantly asking others in the vehicle to check on her or reaching behind me to see if she has her pacifier or if she's awake or sleeping. I found this one on Amazon and thought I'd give it a shot. I was a bit unsure at first how it was going to work in my vehicle. My daughter is rear-facing in the middle seat of my truck but there is no head rest on that seat. I was able to install this in less than a minute on the headrest on the passenger side rear seat and angle it toward the car seat. It's actually perfect because I can now see my daughter's face effortlessly! We've went on long road trips and the mirror stays in place and hasn't needed any adjustments.

  • Vitaliy Mikhaylov - NOT a genuine Fox product - beware.

    This is not a genuine Fox product. My gloves started coming apart at some seams within a week. After two week the velcro on the wrist strap came unglued (it is not stitched to the glove).

  • Brolin - Very inaccurate, adds steps you didn't take, throws off statistics, no real support

    The biggest complaint about this is, it is very very very very inaccurate on all accounts. Steps taken, calories burned, distance and active minutes are all way off. In sleep mode (which you have to activate in which no instructions tell you that) I burn 800 calories. Are you kidding me? Also, the step counter registers steps in your sleep thus adding onto calories burned and distance traveled. That's a joke. Their support forums say the fitbit is tested to be accurate while typing, talking on a phone, riding in a car, ect,. well guess what? I earn 700 steps by riding 5 miles in my car to work. Thus once again adding to the calories burned, steps taken and distance. I finally found a setting where you can turn "estimated calories" off and on, that seemed to have helped somewhat but it's still very inaccurate. No person on this planet burns 1796 calories by getting dressed, walking to your vehicle, driving to work, walking to your office, sitting down and working on a computer/phone all day. That's without my daily jogs alone in which i burn 139 calories on going just a few short miles for an hour. I've even set my walking and running strides to the approximate setting. I can count myself walking 50 steps, the fitbit registers 300 and says I've gone 0.3 of a mile. This is a horrible device and no way to calibrate it. Their tech support has no real answer and keeps talking in circles about what this device SHOULD do and how it SHOULD work going into the specifics on how stuff is measured and calculated. What a waste of money.

  • Chronos - Author does an excellent job of describing many champagne houses

    Author does an excellent job of describing many champagne houses, their methods and styles, current trends in the champagne world. . His ratings are, of course, subjective, as are all ratings. This book is written for the knowledgeable consumer and I would recommend that if you aren't a cognoscenti that you read "Champagne for Dummies" first. Its title is a little misleading because it is a fine primer on the subject. The Champagne Guide is a wonderful reference for up to date information on the champagne world.