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  • Gettysburg Girl - Thrilling Story and Brilliantly Written

    I don't know how the telling of Ernest Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica in 1914 could be told any better than this. Shackleton and his crew lost their ship, Endurance, when they became trapped by pack ice which eventually crushed the ship and sank her. They lived on ice floes for over a year before attempting a long and dangerous sea voyage in lifeboats. It was their only hope of rescue and survival. The entire story is thrilling from beginning to end and how they endured such hardship is almost unbelievable. There was minimal shelter, horrendous weather, and they lived primarily on seals and penguins, accompanied by diminishing supplies they had removed from the ship. One crew member was almost dinner himself for a Leopard seal (they grow to twelve feet and can jump completely out of the water and chase their prey on ice). Shackleton and his crew of twenty-seven men survived. Sadly, the teams of sled dogs with them did not...but that really was impossible. Almost all of the men kept journals of some sort which contributes to the fact that there is so much detail in the book.

  • nov1130 - My daughter will have less scaring because of this machine. Thank you.

    Well my daughter in particular have really bad blackheads, my daughter suffers from them o.k. her nose and extremily between her breasts, she suffers from very large breasts so they come together & that's why she gets such bad black heads.

  • Randall Cole - A real pain

    The only reason I gave it a one star is because I cannot give it a zero. I have no desire to upgrade but this was mandatory because QuickBooks force the issue because I was running 2007. Installation was straight forward but the registration process is a real pain. You must have plenty of time to speak to individuals with limited English skills that are experts at reading their computer screens. Do not deviate from the script because that will cause re-read of the same question. The key is for QuickBooks to collect all of the information possible so they may harass you in the future about their services. To make it more irritating the constant barrage of pop ups make your use of the product even less appealing. I started the interview process but I did not have the time to complete the questions, including small talk, and now I have received an email thanking me for registering. I was never giving a verification number. I called to retrieve my verification number and I must again go through the interview process. I put that off to another day when I can spend my time answering their questions. I am looking for an alternative to QuickBooks. This review took substantially less time than the attempted registration.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not waste your money

    Does not work. We bought this from a local headshop and read all the reviews online. My husband was 20 days clean when he used this detox. He followed the directions step by step. By the time he took his test he was 28 days clean and failed it. Do not waste your money. Buy synthetic instead.

  • dave - Another great Christmas star for your tree

    Another great Christmas star for our tree. We've been collecting these for about 20 years and they never disappoint.

  • Megan Sampson - I love Visalus. Great price here too

    I love Visalus. Great price here too. Very versatile protein shake, the flavor taste like yellow cake batter so the possibilities are endless. I personally love almond milk + Vi shape + cinnamon + honey = SNICKERDOODLE