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  • Deena Williams - best in a blender

    this powder doesn't taste the best in just plain water, at least to me. when i first got it i poured the powder in a water bottle and shook it. It doesn't dissolve fully that way. There won't be big clumps but it will be grainy and you'll have to shake it if you notice it settling on the bottom, which it does if you don't drink it fast. Now I put it in the blender with milk and bananas. Sometimes I also add chopped pineapple and a sprinkle of fresh cinnamon bark. Milk and fresh fruit makes it very enjoyable.

  • HSPevolved Archer - Perfect federal, troubled NM state software

    In short their federal return software is very intuitive and accurate. I have no qualms with that. But their New Mexico State return has fundamental problems. It has issues transferring capital gains and other income to state. It has trouble getting state forms done right. It is a mess. I made the mistake of contacting hr block and they put me through 6 that is SIX levels of support over a period of 3 weeks and they still could not resolve the problem. By then deadline for tax returns had approached and I had to do things manually. This year, back to their old competitor, which hopefully has done a better job with the state return.

  • A disappointment ... - A disappointment ...

    I've had these knives for maybe 3 weeks now and was excited to finally get them after waiting through delayed shipping. They are cheesy feeling with light weight plastic handles and they are showing rust spots on the blades after just a few trips through the dishwasher. They are nice and sharp but overall I am very disappointed with these.

  • Christine Posti - Keep your receipt!

    I tried Australian Dream cream for my right thumb which has arthritis. It did not help at all, but being the eternal optimist, I kept using it and using it, hoping for an improvement, and after all, it's decent as just a hand cream. So now I am near the end of the jar and it's still not working, so I thought I'd take them up on their guarantee. Guess what, you have to send in your original receipt with the jar! If you are buying this product for the first time, I'd suggest you tape the receipt to the bottom so you will have it ready if it doesn't work for you either. (But I do hope it does work for you!)

  • David L. Kosloski - Love the Dual charger

    The charger has the benefit of 2 USB ports so you are able to charge 2 devices at once. When charging a single appliance it provides an accelerated charge time.This product works fine. I received the product in good time and in good order. It charges my phone and does what it's supposed to do.

  • Joseph F. Collerd - Love this stuff

    This stuff really works when you apply it according to directions. I learned the hard way. But if you shake it very well they way they tell you to and then apply the base coat back and fourth and across; let it dry and then the top coat the same way I got great results keeping stuff off my lawn mower and snow blower and other tools that we use in our landscaping company.