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FER?DE PUDRA ve K?MYEV? MADDELER SAN. T?C. LTD. ?T?. - Firmam?z 1969 y?l?ndan beri ?e?itli sekt?rlerde b?lgesinde her zaman ilkeli, d⨹st ve kaliteli ?al??ma anlay??? ile birlikte yenilik?i, ?ncࢩr firma olarak yerini alm??t?r. Firmam?z Bebe Talk Pudras?, Vazelin, Viks, Makine Ya?? imalat? ve toptan sat?? hizmeti vermektedir.

  • http://www.feridepudra.com/tarihce.asp FER?DE PUDRA ve K?MYEV? MADDELER SAN. T?C. LTD. ?T?. - TAR?H?EM?Z - Feride Pudra markas?, y?llardan beri T⫠t르icisine kaliteli ⨹nler sunan 1969 y?l?nda Niyazi Aydemir taraf?ndan ?stanbul Esenler'de kuruldu.Daha sonras?nda ise i?letmesini Niyazi Bey' in o?ullar? H㥹in ve Ergarde?ler devam ettirmi?tir. Pudra, vazalin ve makine ya?? ⥴imi yapan Feride Pudra T⫩ye pazar?n?nda ?zel bir yeri vard?r.

    Country:, Europe, CY

    City: 33 , Cyprus

  • Sheri L. Custer - GREAT Navage Nasal Irrigation System

    I really like the Navage Nasal Irrigation System. It is easy to use and oh my goodness does it bring the 'junk' out. I've had a sinus infection for over a year. I went to the specialist and was told I had MRSA. Believe it or not I do not have pain. They wanted to do surgery. They put me on antibiotics and was told to use a Nettie Pot. It helped some but the Nettie Pot just didn't clear it up. I saw this advertised on TV then checked it out on Amazon. What a difference, I'm using it every day (today is day 3) and I can breath and not hack out the 'junk' every hour. I'm so happy to finally have this unit. I would likely recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • David Gitlin - Good deal

    Essentially what I expected. Arrived on time. Relatively easy to install (some difficulty lining up bolts with holes), and MUCH less expensive than Honda dealer. There is no place on rack ends to tie off ropes/bungies, which is a problem however. Need to figure that out.

  • Amazon Customer - great product

    I've been using this for about 2 weeks and have noticed a big decrease in my appetite. I put it in a stainless steel waterbottle with a built in straw, ice and shake it good. NO burning lips. I like the taste. It's like an iced herbal tea. I've been able to give up sodas and have actually had to remind myself to eat. Will buy again

  • Amazon Customer - Okay but not great.

    I had high hopes for this. Too high. Hurts my ear after 30 minutes or so. Not as loud as I would like, not as clear as I would like.

  • Chubby - Lipozene works IF your problem is overeating!

    I honestly didn't anything would come of trying Lipozene - because everyone says diet pills don't work. I'm a person who is overweight because I'm an emotional eater and when I go through rough patches in life, I'm ALWAYS hungry. The weight just keeps piling on because I'm always hungry. I do exercise almost every day, but the exercise doesn't do much when my calorie intake is so high. I didn't do any research on Lipozene prior to buying it. I found it in my mom's house (sometimes she leaves things there for me to 'find') and thought, 'what the hell, trying can't hurt.' I wasn't actually sure what it was supposed to do, I just knew I had seen the commercials. I didn't want to waste pills, so I've only been taking one dose(two tablets) a day. I noticed that I was going hours and hours between eating - I was hardly hungry (compared to my normal appetite) I'd have a meal at 6 or 7 and I could go the rest of the night without food (12, 1 a.m) So there has been a great deal of change in my appetite since taking Lipozene. In the last week, I've eaten half of what I'm used to. I'll post another review once the bottles are gone, hopefully by then I'll be SEEING the results too!