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  • Go Celtics - I tried a number of Lutein Vision pills and these are as good if not better than all the ones I tried

    I always worry about my eyesight, seriously who doesn't. Between my eyes and ears I want them to last me a lifetime. I tried a number of Lutein Vision pills and these are as good if not better than all the ones I tried. I first like that they are easy to swallow. They have a good dosage of Lutein, they say it really helps the eyes so I am willing to take it and try to keep my eyes good (and hopefully make them better although i'm not sure if that is possible just by taking a pill) as I can. I recommend these!

  • Jenny - Not been bitten since!

    My building had a bedbug infestation and it made it into my apartment (albiet a mild case). The landlord had a pest control person in to spray but I was still getting bitten litterally that same week after. I did not want this to be a full outbreak and have to throw out everything I own, so I decided to do it myself and send them the bill. This product by far had the best reviews even with the few annoyances some mentioned so I decided to give it a try. I have been spreading this powder out across my apartment over the last 6 weeks since I got it, starting in the bedrooms and working outwards, under the beds, between matresses, in the cornerces, back of pictures, backs of furniture, etc. Since starting to spread this out, I have not been bitten once (and I was getting bitten at least once a week, 5-6 bites each time)! The powder is a lot finer than I thought it would be (it's like the consistency of confectioners sugar) so I can see what some reviewers mean by it going everywhere and sticking around long after you sweep it up. A little annoying. That said, I would without a shadow of a doubt much prefer to deal with this powder than bedbugs! It has even helped a little with the cockroach problem too! And for those of you with pets (this was a big concern for me in my research), I have a 13 year cat that has a sensitive stomach and she is doing just fine with this being everywhere. 100% recommend

  • Sara - This is a beautiful car seat

    This is a beautiful car seat! It came assembled and was easy to install. The only problem....my daughter hated it. The padding is minimal and my daughter would cry every time I put her in it. She always loved riding in the car before this carseat. I am thankful to be able to return it because it's just not working for her. I love the rebound bar and the look of it is so sleek. However, listening to my daughter cry and watching her squirm every time she had to ride in in broke my heart. Too bad. I had high hopes for this carseat.

  • MrFastZombie - No bubbles

    Works very well, no bubbles at all, not even around the edges. No scratches so far either. It does not 100% prevent finger prints, but you do not notice any finger prints with the screen on. Additionally, it is pretty easy to clean the fingerprints off.

  • theknight374121 - The mouse is just perfect. The design is ergonomic which allows you to ...

    The mouse is just perfect. The design is ergonomic which allows you to play for long hours without wrist pain. The best part of the mouse is it's battery life. For a normal gamer, this is just perfect since you don't play continuously. Plus the logitech gaming software is awesome. It gives you all the details and customization options needed. Apart from the battery life, the best part of the mouse is the scroll wheel.

  • martin lyons - Ok, but

    Antivirus seems to be working, after some problems installing it. It had to be installed, removed and reinstalled a few times until it worked. It also seems to interfere with the working of some other programs.

  • lildimplechick - SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    This bra is extremely comfortable--no wire, no tags, and thinly padded. It's comfortable enough to wear to sleep and I swear when I'm wearing this bra, it's like I'm wearing no bra at all because it's that comfortable! It's also pretty cute with lace on the bottom. I highly recommend!!!