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  • Shoe Fly - Love Fairy Tales

    Not a miracle product, but I do believe the rosemary oil helps repel the creepy crawlies. Many children's products smell completely unnatural. This product line does use synthetic fragrance in addition to essential oils, so it isn't perfect, but we tolerate the fragrance much better than stronger smelling products. No sneezing or wheezing when we use this stuff!

  • Brian Vediz - Both work great!

    The product came as advertised. I have used it several times with the power cord and with 4 D batteries. The batteries actually last a while. I have used it with real balls and with the foam balls. Both work great!

  • K. Streeter - The only thing I do not like is if you must take your computer to its ...

    McAfee is less cumbersome than Norton 360 and runs rather smoothly. The only thing I do not like is if you must take your computer to its "Original Factory Settings", then you have to use another license for that same computer. One license per computer is how it should be until the original expiration date, no matter how many times your computer is put back to "Original Factory Settings". I purchased unlimited licenses this time.

  • marteldann - Contributes to skin firmness

    My husband is a quiet man and seldom comments on my appearance. However a month after I started using these he said your skin looks so much softer and smoother than it used to - what are you doing? I did run out for a while and did not repurchase. I really noticed my skin texture and firmness decreasing so went back to these. I cut them in half and use half in the morning and half at night - it seems to be plenty that way.

  • martin - Amazing Tv

    Rarely write reviews, however this tv is worth writing about. Clear sound, perfect picture. Audio could be better but it's really good. Besides you can adjust the audio to how you want it which I did and now it's perfect. No complaints here. This tv is amazing and I'm glad I got it.

  • A. Scientist - Really good for allergies

    This is a very effective product for runny noses and itchy eyes. A great substitute for over the counter antihistamines that have side effects. This does not cause drowsiness. The only potential draw back is that it contains bromelain which one can become allergic to if over used. Bromelain can thin the blood so people taking blood thinners should consult their doctors. Actually, I am a great fan of bromelain for treating allergies, bruises sprains, and even surgical recovery, but just be aware not to over use. This is really good stuff.

  • M. Hughes - Amazing time saver

    This is the greatest kitchen utensil ever! Can't believe how much time I used to waste with a ruler and pencil, marking my bananas to get those perfectly uniform slices. I was terrible at geometry and trigonometry so it was hard for me to get exact measurements on curved bananas with a straight ruler. Then I had to go back and remove the pencil marks after slicing. There was always that tiny eraser smudge on every slice. This wonderful gadget frees up much more time that can be spent marking my cantaloupes for perfect slices--and boy do I need all the help I can get. It's even harder to use my ruler to mark round fruit than curved fruit. Hutzler, you're the best. All my friends are getting one of these for Christmas.