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eMarketservices. ICEX. Toda la Información para que las empresas utilicen los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio - eMarket Services (ICEX) facilita a las empresas la localización y el uso de mercados electrónicos en los negocios internacionales. Nuestra misión es facilitar a empresas, especialmente a las pymes, la utilización de los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio. Emarket Services proporciona conocimiento e información sobre mercados electrónicos de todo el mundo. Dispone de una base de datos con más de 2.000 mercados electrónicos analizados, que permite consultas por sector y mercado; informes y artículos de interés; información sobre seminarios, ejemplos de experiencias de empresas en el uso de estos mercados y material de formación para ayudar a las empresas a comprender las oportunidades, riesgos y tendencias asociadas al uso de los mercados electrónicos.

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  • DataDoll - Lousy suction and overpriced

    I was so excited about this vacuum after seeing the fancy commercials. I read the negative reviews but decided that since I have only two carpeted rooms (others are hardwood and tile) the short battery life wouldn't matter. To my disappointment, the vacuum didn't even clean the two rooms of Berber carpet and the area rugs. It spits fibers right back out and yes, after repeated roll overs trying to pick up what was spit back out, the battery goes dead. What a rip-off, I'm taking it back to Best Buy today for a full refund. Maybe I bought a lemon and I'm tempted to buy another one because it's lightweight and I like the design. I don't know yet, but this one is going back.

  • Christopher Dinnes - Commas Save Lives

    Everybody should have at least one copy of this book. A slim, pocket size, lifesaver. "Let's eat Grandma!" (Commas save lives.) Besides, how many of us really remember where and when to use a semi-colon? Exactly.

  • D-DUB - Perfect NEON YELLOW

    I already have 2 other Aeon helmets, so buying the medium was no problem. This neon yellow is vibrant, paired with the same color gloves and you'll be much better seen on the road, especially in poor weather or at dusk.

  • Tobias - Great way to save money but beware the of the privacy risks

    Magicjack! A great way to stick it to overpriced land line phone providers. This is the way to go when it comes to setting up a sensible house phone (because even pre paid cell phones are overpriced). Upon setting up Magicjack you are prompted to install the software on your computer and input information in order to be given a random phone number pertaining to your area code.