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EHR Integration Services :: Home - EHR Integration Services is a leader in Electronic Health Records interfaces, conversion and applications.

  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/care-settings/ EHR Productivity Applications - EHR Integration Services continually strives to solve real problems that make life in the practice better, easier, and more efficient.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/care-settings/workflow/ Clinical & Practice Workflow - EHRis Clinical & Practice Workflow continually strives to solve real problems that make life in the practice better, easier, and more efficient.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/applications-and-services/ EHR Applications & Services | EHR Integration Services - EHR Integration Services continually strives to solve real problems that make life in the practice better, easier, and more efficient through our EHR Applications and Services.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/about/ EHR Integration Services :: About - Perfect Practice is a consortium of Healthcare Technology companies focused on developing a Human Approach to Healthcare Technology
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/craig-luce/ Craig Luce Biography Page - Craig Luce is President of EHR Integration Services. He founding EHRis in 2006 and has a twenty-year career in healthcare informatics
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/christine-piper/ Christine Piper - EHR Consultant - Christine Piper is a top EHR Consultant focusing on Enterprise v11Note training, implementation and knowledge-sharing surrounding Meaningful Use and the EEHR product.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/connie-sheets/ Connie Sheets- EHR Consultant - Connie Sheets Connie has 15+ years of experience with Centricity Group Management and integration with a variety of third party applications, including ConnectR.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/david-sander/ David Sander - Director of EHRis Operations - David Sander is operational manager at EHRis. His focus is on internal operations . He is experienced in leading soft-skills and executive development workshops
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/jamie-steck/ Jamie Steck- EHRis Business Development Manager - Jamie Steck brings 14+ years of clinical IT leadership, knowledge and skills to EHR Integration Services.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/jill-overly/ Jill Overly- EHRis Consultant - Jill Overly is the EHRis technical and application lead; focusing on Allscripts project management, build, workflow, user training and interface development.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/krista-jones/ Krista Jones- EHR Resource Manager - Prior to joining EHR in 2010, Krista Jones worked extensively in the neurology field where she developed her clinical and workflow knowledge.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/marcia-tarasenko/ Marcia Tarasenko- EHRis Consultant - Marcia Tarasenko has an extensive clinical career as an RN She began her work in clinical informatics in 2001 and started working for EHRis in 2008.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/mark-harvey/ Mark Harvey - EHRis Consultant - Mark joined EHR Integration Services in 2014. Before that he had a long career with healthcare provider organizations, working in operations and management.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/rochelle-herbert/ Rochelle Herbert- EHRis Consultant - Rochelle Herbert had a wide variety of cross functional skills including: Clinical Workflows, Interface Development and Maintenance and Training, Implementation.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/stacey-duran/ Stacey Duran - Project Manager - Chart2PDF - Tracy Stanley has an extensive project management and client relationship management experience. She joined EHR in 2015.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/steve-buttitta/ Steve Buttitta - Strategic Partner Byte Sized Solutions - Steve Buttitta is a senior level consultant with a long history of system integration experience using a variety of interface engines including ConnectR, AIE, BizTalk and Mirth.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/terry-bettis/ Terry Bettis - EHRis Consultant - Terry Bettis joined EHR Integration Services in 2012. His work experience includes defining the next generation of device connectivity and workflow process for EMR integration.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/tim-rahaim/ Tim Rahaim - EHRis Consultant - Tim Rahaim has 20+ years in the healthcare IT industry as an interface developer and application programmer for EHR/PM systems.He joined EHR in 2008,
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/our-team/tracy-stanley/ Tracy Stanley - EHRis Consultant - Tracy Stanley has an extensive IT skill set in both the Allscripts Enterprise EHR and ConnectR applications. She joined EHR in 2009.
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/partners1/nps/ National Physician Services - National Physician Services is a key strategic partner for EHR Integration Services
  • http://www.ehrintegration.com/partners1/phreesia1/ Phreesia | EHR Integration Services - EHR Integration Services is a key partner of Phreesia, an innovative point-of-service platform for physician practices.

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