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  • Michael J. Kuchenbecker - Great For Wide-Footed Cyclists

    I wear 10.5 4E shoes and 45 wide fit great. There was a small breaking in period but I just wore them barefoot until they conformed to my toe-box a bit better.

  • Portland customer - gentle and effective

    I have used this shampoo for years. Easy on the scalp. Gentle on the hair. Love the scent. Originally recommended by my hairdresser but they don't carry that product line anymore.

  • Kiersten - great price for all the registers you get in the ...

    This is exactly what I ordered, great price for all of the registers you get in the order. The paper is good quality and you get a decent amount for what you pay. I wouldn't imagine this being a terribly expensive item anywhere really but this was my first time purchasing replacements for my checkbook so I went with the most "bang for my buck" and I'm sure not disappointed. Will reorder this again when the time comes.

  • Reader - Read the directions

    This is an excellent product. The negative reviews say it all: those who continued to use step 3 when they experienced diarrhea didn't read the directions; those who continued to take two doses of step 2 when they didn't have more bowel movements didn't read the directions. I would assume that individuals who spend thirty bucks on a seven day cleanse would have the common sense to follow the directions. If you don't experience the results you are expecting, perhaps you should double check to see whether you actually did the cleanse in the way that its creators intended.

  • Olivia - Some of my favorites include “Why Must You Suck at Friendships

    Some of my favorites include “Why Must You Suck at Friendships?,” “When Baehood Goes Bad,” and “#Hashtag #I #Hate #Your #Hashtag #Abuse.”

  • TheAllMightyMe - awesome.

    this game is hours of entertainment. I didn't expect much but my son wanted it. Then i found myself waiting for him to go to bed so i could play it too!

  • Maurice Barkley - A must for your roof

    I'm a long time user of this product. I have a shingle roof which is subject to moss and fungus. My roof is absolutely free of all of it.