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  • Xtra-Xtra Medium - Here's what I'm using in my bedroom right now: chamomile, lavender, bergamot, frankincense and vetiver...

    Extremely potent, fragrant oil. Pairs well with virtually any number of other oils. Quality seems to be exceptionally high. I blend essential oils to create functional, seasonal scents for use in a variety of diffusers scattered about my house (for example, I'll use more invigorating scents in my office, and more relaxing scents in my bedroom, and I'll vary each recipe with the season).

  • The Fairest of All Book Reviews - Georgie's Big Adventure to Find Love

    As soon as I was introduced to Georgie Archibald in Settling the Score, I wanted her story…her happily ever after…her chance to shine in the afterglow of a lasting love. She deserved to find the kind of relationship that her brother found with Andie, and I knew it wasn’t going to come from her mother’s matchmaking skills.

  • Steve G - Waited to use a bit before writing a review!

    I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review, as I'm skeptical about these products until I've used them a bit. Verdict? Completely lives up to the hype. First, the end result: rich, creamy soft-serve type dessert made with only what you put in (in our case bananas from the garden mixed with frozen fruits from the grocery store. No sugars or other ingredients, and it can be adjusted to your whim. Second, the clean-up: Easy and quick. No figuring out what goes where, it is quick to clean and the blade attachment is not like a food processor blade (untouchable by human hands). On the Yonanas, the bladed attachment is not too sharp and can be easily soaped and rinsed clean without risk of cuts. We're using it regularly, and we love it!