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  • Amazon Customer - If you've used drugs (2 days before going to test) ...

    If you've used drugs (2 days before going to test) and you are trying to clean your system, you can not in that time you can only cover it up. Take two AZO craneberry pills at least 2hours before going and pee at least twice before going to give it time to move in to you pee. And drink water duh and take 1 b12 vitamin so your pee won't be clear (or suspect).

  • Marilyn Lazarus - Sole E35 Elliptical

    I did a lot of research on ellpitcals before I purchased the E35. I use it a couple times a week. I had it delivered and set up because I didn't want the aggravation and possible injury to have it taken down the steps into the basement and set it up. Believe me, it was worth it. I was not happy wit the setup. However, that has nothing to do with the product. After I used it for about ten minutes, there was a squeak that got progressively louder. Rather than call the person back who set it up for us, my husband tried a few times to fix it himself. It seemed that when one squeak was fixed, another started. It turned out that one of the bolts was not tightened - like it said in the manual was the most common problem. That did not sit well with us since that was part of the reason we paid to have it done. But even tightening that bolt (as well as a few others) the problem did not go away. After the third attempt, my husand reversed one of the rollers and that did the trick. I really like the machine. It is stable, quiet and smooth. I have kept a steady pace so I do not know how it would be if I were to give it an extra hard workout. I wish it were more comfortable for me to reach the arms and not feel like I was extending. I hold onto the bottom of the arms but change that with doing arm exercises. I have not used the heart monitor and I pretty much stick with one or two programs. I have used the fan and while it does not blow much air, it is something. I would definitely recommend this for the home user.

  • NancyE. - great stuff

    This is the best smoothing emulsion I have tried, and I have tried many. All of the Schwartzkopf line is great for my crazy hair.

  • David - Good product

    Several years ago, I started buying a similar product ( same ingredient, same strength, same company) from my dentist....for about three times the price! This stuff works, without a doubt. I have the professionally fitted whitening trays, and with this product, I can get my teeth to look almost TOO white. Be careful how strong a concentration you use, though, bc it can make your gums sting for a day or so. That happened to me after the third application with this 22%, but for me its worth it bc I love the results.