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  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/immediate-dentures/ Immediate Dentures Santa Cruz CA, Dentures - Immediate dentures may be the solution when complete extraction of your teeth is not avoidable. David A. Refaee, DDS, FAGD & Kathy Ansarinia, DDS 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/implant-retained-dentures/ Implant Retained Dentures Santa Cruz CA - David A. Refaee, DDS, FAGD & Kathy Ansarinia, DDS can replace missing teeth with implant retained dentures. Options may be available. 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/partial-dentures/ Partial Dentures Santa Cruz CA | Dentures - Removable partial denture is designed to meet the needs of the patient and can replace one or more missing teeth. 831-426-0598
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  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/exams-maintenance/ Denture Exam Santa Cruz CA | Denture Maintenance - Annual examination by Santa Cruz CA Dentists will help ensure your denture is functioning properly. 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/denture-relines/ Denture Relines Santa Cruz CA | Relining Dentures - Having a denture professionally relined every one-to-two years will keep the denture secure and functional. Santa Cruz CA 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/rebase-repairs/ Denture Repairs Santa Cruz CA | Denture Rebase - Rebasing replaces the entire acrylic denture base providing a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. Santa Cruz CA 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dentures/soft-liners/ Soft Liners Santa Cruz CA | Denture Liners - A soft denture liner is a layer of soft, pliable material fitted between the surface of a denture & oral tissues. Santa Cruz CA 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/dental-bridges/ Dental Bridges Santa Cruz CA, Replacement Teeth - Dental bridges are offered by Santa Cruz CA Dentists for patients who have lost teeth. 831-426-0598
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  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/tooth-extractions/ Tooth Extractions Santa Cruz CA - Tooth extractions are performed by Santa Cruz CA Dentists when a tooth is too damaged or decayed. 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/treatments/non-surgical-root-canal/ Root Canal Santa Cruz CA - Non-surgical root canal performed by Santa Cruz CA Dentists. This simple treatment can save your natural tooth. 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/cosmetic-treatments/ Cosmetic Dental Treatments Santa Cruz CA - A variety of dental cosmetic treatments are offered by Santa Cruz CA Dentists to improve your smile. 831-426-0598
  • http://www.drrefaee.com/cosmetic-treatments/dental-bonding/ Dental Bonding Santa Cruz CA - Santa Cruz CA Dentists offers dental bonding as a solution for chipped or discolored teeth. 831-426-0598

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