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  • mommy2girls - We were more meant for something like the Squatty Potty

    I am giving this plastic version one less star. I prefer the heavier wooden version. But I have to say both versions do well at helping out in the bathroom. The human body was not meat for a traditional toilet. We were more meant for something like the Squatty Potty. When you use it over a week, you will understand why.

  • gilbert s. - Everything i expected and more

    Good picture when adjusted but the sound it puts out is decent but its everything I expected. Very easy to set up it took me 15 minutes hooking it up to my direct TV box and sound bar. All my friends and family that have seen it so far want one.

  • SharGr - I thought Otter was more sturdy. Great color though

    Definitely a lot cheaper than I thought it would be!! I thought Otter was more sturdy. Great color though.

  • John Perkins - good software

    Good software for 2010 now i go to check out the software of 2013. I am sorry that this review might not help you in desiding what to get.

  • Emily Evans - Easy to use

    The set-up is easy. Absolutely perfect for watching movies at home. For those who want to play games or watch movies, this projector is definitely the first choice!!