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Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery | Dr. Jay K. Harness, MD, FACS - Dr. Jay Harness is a breast cancer surgeon specializing in Oncoplastic Reconstruction and Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy. Dr. Jay Harness focuses on you and your total Emotional Reconstruction, Advanced Surgical Technique, Preserve Femininity, Lumpectomy, Breast Reconstruction, Radiation Therapy"

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  • Tiffany Potter - It's DETOX that WORKS!

    Ok guys, I have read all the reviews and the bad and good ones are missing the point completely! This is DETOX, not simply a diuretic, weight loss product, or a magic pill that will contour your body without doing anything. I got it from the Carnival Cruiseline and they explained it perfectly. The only way to effectively lose weight is the 3 part triangle: EXERCISE, NUTRITION, and DETOX. Detox alone will not make you lose weight, but it detoxifies your body, removing the toxins from your overloaded liver, bloodstream, and fat cells that PREVENT you from getting the results you want. My advice would be to detox in conjunction with the other two, and you WILL get the results you want. No other diet plans work because they don't take care of the root problem, the toxins making you rebound and making your body unhealthy. This is more for those who care about their health and the longevity of their life, cleanse your body from the toxins bad food has placed all your life so that the other diets and exercise will work. Without detoxing, you wont get the results you want and keep them. I hope this helps your understanding of what this product is meant to be. I am a medical professional so the cost was not an issue, and no I don't work for the cruiseline or the company, I just know the medical side of dieting and weight loss and know that it wont last without detox.

  • JanPan - The BEST!!!

    I have tried almost every protein powder there is. All have tasted chalky and altered the flavors of all my shakes. After seeing a co-worker's amazing results from drinking ViSalus shakes, I decided to try it. My shakes are amazing! There is no chalky taste, no altered flavor. The powder is extremely delicious!!

  • lily yap - Useful and well made/designed bag

    Should have bought the smaller size. Otherwise, a great bag. Like the different compartments especially the outer zipper compartment . Easy to slip a book or cell phone in it.