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  • Supertrini - Sad!

    Really disappointed, after using a whole bottle, little to no results whatsoever. Gonna try another brand

  • shoelover - Amazing

    The first time I used this I didn't get much peeling. However, I have it down to a system now. Soak feet in cool water for a few minutes before putting on the booties. Keep feet on the floor when the booties are on. Putting feet up while waiting doesn't work. Leave them on for the full hour. After the first day, rinse or soak feet every day in cool water. My whole heel peeled off in one piece! I sleep in socks every night or I wind up with skin all over my bed.

  • Stuart - F'N eh

    Great product, you can now do in 30 minutes and for a reasonable amount what used to take 100's of $ and hours to get, user adjustable shift kit, line lock, launch control etc. used to have to all be installed separately with parts and wrenches. Works great, easy install, upgradable via USB connection. A++

  • Laura S. - Worth a try if you have a leaky gut.

    I haven't noticed a huge difference. Although, overall, I do feel better. I drastically changed my diet in conjunction with taking this supplement. I'll finish using it, but not sure if I'll buy it again yet.

  • Taylor - ... for the last 5 years and have always been satisfied with its effectiveness

    I have used and sold this product for the last 5 years and have always been satisfied with its effectiveness. Yes, it does smell. But it smells just like cedar, which it is clearly stated to be made of, so how can you complain about that? My boyfriend is allergic to cedar but doesn't seem to be agitated by the wondercide even after I spray the entire apartment, cats, and dog.

  • Reader - Worth a chest o' doubloons

    Arrr! Been finding meself in many a tight spot o' bother on the high seas and nearly entered Davey Jones' Locker more times than meself would like to remember, but thanks to this excellent fire in the hole I've been handsomely navigatin' me man-o-war to all the ports o' call in me fancy. Take it from an old salt like meself, this book is worth as much as a letter o' marque signed by the queen! Buy this book and ye won't be hornswaggled. Time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, and thanks to me readin' of How to Avoid Huge Ships we'll be right hearty and shipshape.