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Onderteken de petitie tegen de dure Dexamfetamine - Dexamfetamine is onbetaalbaar geworden. De nood is hoog! Veel mensen kunnen zonder dit medicijn niet goed meer functioneren. Onderteken óók de petitie!

  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/gebruik-in-nederland/ Gebruik van dexamfetamine in Nederland - Dexamfetamine.nl - Circa 30.000 Nederlanders gebruiken dexamfetamine op medische basis, maar moeten gemiddeld 1740 euro gaan bijbetalen door de registratie van Amfexa.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/dexamfetamine-naar-amfexa/ Van dexamfetamine naar Amfexa - Dexamfetamine.nl - Hoe dexamfetamine onbetaalbaar werd voor mensen met ADHD. Wat de gevolgen hiervan zijn met betrekking tot de voorraad en de hoogte van de vergoeding.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/vergoedingsoverzicht/ vergoedingsoverzicht - Dexamfetamine.nl - Overzicht van de vergoeding van dexamfetamine-preparaten en doseringen per 1 mei 2016 van verschillende zorgverzekeraars.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/over-ons/ Over Ons - Dexamfetamine.nl - Een overzicht van de mensen achter de "Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex"-petitie. Er is de afgelopen tijd met man en macht gewerkt om de campagne een succes te maken.
  • http://www.dexamfetamine.nl/contact/ Contact - Dexamfetamine.nl - Contact pagina van campagnegroep Dure Dex, Niet zo Flex, voor persvoorlichting, persoonlijke verhalen of andere vragen en/of opmerkingen.

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  • NRMc - Big Bad Wolf

    I received an ARC for my review of this book. Luke and Hayley grew up together with Luke's brother Chris. After graduating high school Hayley takes off to become a chef, but just before she leave Luke & Hayley have their moment and then shes gone. 3 years later Hayley comes back to her home town only to find out nothing is as she left it. While Hayley was gone, Luke & Chris' little sister was murdered, and Luke was blamed for killing the murderer in vengeance but you'll never believe who the vigilante murderer turns out to be or how far hes willing to go.

  • Just A Buyer - 2013 Honda Accord Sedan Black Weathertech Floor Liner (Full Set)

    I bought these for a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan and they fit it and the 2013. I don't think you can find better floor mats, use them in a 2013 Kia Optima also (ones made for it) and really like them. Fit perfect in both vehicles, look good, easy to clean, hold water, mud and snow well so no carpet damage (due to the high lip on the sides). Best I've ever used. I ordered mine from Weather Tech and should have ordered them from here since I would have saved a little on shipping and a lot on TAXES.

  • SamanthaJ - I absolutely love this product

    I absolutely love this product!! I was going to buy one last year but every where I went they were sold out. When I saw this item online I knew I had to have it!!

  • B. R. - Just what we needed

    We do not have a local music store, so was great to get this valve oil for my son's trumpet at such a good price and delivered quickly. Would order again!

  • Richard - I have never used a deep repair mask like this.

    This "Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask" has me in Shock.... all I can say is wow... wow ... wow... wow..