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Home -– Device Consulting | Medical and Aesthetic Devices - Suppliers of the world's finest medical and aesthetic devices, including lasers, IPL, RF and microwave devices to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

  • http://www.deviceconsulting.com.au/products/theraclear/ Acne disappears with Theraclear– Device Consulting - TheraClear™ is the only device to address multiple acne causes in a single treatment. TheraClear™ evacuates blocked sebum and destroys active acne bacteria
  • http://www.deviceconsulting.com.au/products/mediostar-next/ Laser hair removal with the MeDioStar NeXT– Device Consulting - The MeDioStar NeXT takes laser hair removal to a whole new level, with the largest spot size on the market to ensure a fast, virtually painless procedure.
  • http://www.deviceconsulting.com.au/products/pro-yellow/ PRO Yellow vascular laser solid state tabletop diode– Device Consulting - PRO Yellow is the world’s first tabletop vascular laser, outputting at 577 nm – an ideal wavelength for absorption by oxyhaemoglobin.
  • http://www.deviceconsulting.com.au/products/tattoostar-combo/ Tattoo removal with Tattoostar Combo– Device Consulting - TattooStar Combo is a q-switched multi-wavelength laser system for tattoo removal with both Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers and homogenous, flat-top beam profile.
  • http://www.deviceconsulting.com.au/products/enerjet/ Skin rejuvenation and scar reduction with Enerjet– Device Consulting - The Enerjet incorporates unique cutting edge technology for the injection of liquids into the skin's dermal layer for skin rejuvenation and scar repair.

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