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CELL DETOX HAIR TESTING online - Our Hair Test Detox Reports highlight the major 6 Cell Damages: Radiation, Thyroid, Food Intolerances, Oestrogen Dominance, Heavy Metals and Poor Methylation.

  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/therapies/ About Us: Cell Detox online - My unique Hair Test interpretations offer a wealth of information about mineral levels, endocrine ratios and heavy metal priorities at the cellular level
  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/6-cell-damages/ 6 Cell Damages highlighted by Cell Detox online - Our Hair Test Detox Reports highlight the major 6 Cell Damages: Radiation, Thyroid, Food Intolerances, Oestrogen Dominance, Heavy Metals and Methyl Defects.
  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/how-it-works/ Case Study to demonstrate How it Works - This page visually takes you through the steps of our online consultation. It also illustrates a case study showing Oestrogen Dominance in a 33 yo woman
  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/the-science/ Scientific evidence linking Oestrogen and Breast/Prostate Cancers - This page quotes several high-profile doctors and researchers to show the well-documented link between high Oestrogen and Cancers of the Breast and Prostate
  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/your-story/ Your Story: Cell Detox online - Maggie shares her story about her sister who is an electro-hypersensitive 'refugee' from Victoria, after widespread microwaving of the state by Smart Meters
  • http://www.detoxonline.com.au/contact-us/ Contact Page: Cell Detox online - Contact us with any questions or comments regarding the 2 Cellular Hair Testing Detox Reports offered online

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  • Ms. Shona - NZURI Elixir

    i liked the Nzuri Elixir. my hair seemed to be easier to manage when I used this product. The flavor/taste is good, i would mix it with juice in the morning. I am having better results with the Nzuri hair growth tablets so I plan to stick with the tabs.

  • Logan - Great starter deck for anyone just getting into magic such ...

    Great starter deck for anyone just getting into magic such as myself. Also great if you want a peek into this world without spending a lot of money. Other reviews cover what comes in this set so I won't get into detail there. Let me just say, if you know some one that is playing magic, they probably won't want this. Get them the booster packs instead. This is more for people just getting into the game.

  • Amy22 - The worst Christmas gift ever

    I bought this bag as a Christmas gift for my husband. When he opened the box the first thing we noticed was that the metal leg of the bag was broken. Very disapointing!! On top of that, the seller did not pay for the return shipping despite of the fact that the product was damaged.

  • Mthr of Pearl - So far so good

    I purchased a 2012 Samsung Smart TV at a good price with the potential option of getting the Evolution kit to upgrade it to a 2013 model -- which I did. The final review of this item is not in yet as I'm still playing with the unit. Installing wasn't much of a problem except that I did have to call Samsung for a bit of help which wasn't really helpful at all. I removed the unit and reinstalled it -- my original problem was that it wasn't plugged in all the way. Having fixed this problem the install went smoothly according to the instructions. I do have one complaint about the installation instructions -- it should be larger print -- the font is small and difficult to read. As I said earlier -- I'm still playing with it. The biggest difference between the 2012 and 2013 model is that the opening screen goes directly to the multiple choice screen instead of directly to the TV mode -- I like that. Navigating between aps, TV and TV channels, and movie selections is easier that on the 2012 model -- it's all there. I haven't had any problems using the update so far.

  • Andrew H. - Get to know your bathroom!!!

    To quote my friend Ace Ventura, ladies and gentlemen, "lend me your rears!" Absolutely everything you may have supposed or read about these tiny little gelatinous bears is 100% true! Like so many other adventurous morons before me, I thought that these reviews were over the top. My, how wrong I was. My buddy brought these sugar free gummy bears to work one day. I should have averted my eyes, but I was drawn to their beautiful colors and soft yet springy complexion. This paired with the peer pressure was too much, and before I knew it, I had downed approximately 40 of these delicious candies.

  • Marilyn Craaybeek - Worst machine ever!

    I had one of the first Haans and it worked great for years. Then I bought the next one with more bells and whistles, like the hand held tank. I used it for a couple of years and it bit the dust. I called Haan and ordered a new one. This one did not steam for more than a month and would not heat. They replaced it, but I used it twice and was in the hospital for a gunshot wound and did not use it for months. when I started using it, it would intermittently heat and not very hot at that. Haan would not replace it because it was two weeks out of warranty. I bought a bissel on Amazon and this beats the Haan all to pieces. Please don't buy this sorry piece of garbage steamer - get a bissel. That steamer really steams and got spots off the linoleum floor that the Haan had never taken off in all the time I used it. Get a Bissel.

  • Love Life - My only advice to anyone who is starting this product for the first time is to follow the recommended dosage, which is one capsu

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