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Detox Fresh – How to Detox Your Body - How to detox your body from toxins and harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs. Also, learn how to detox your colon and liver naturally for better overall health.

  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/melamine-contamination-in-us-baby-formulas/ Melamine Contamination in US Baby Formulas - Should I be worried? When I heard the news about the lab test results on baby formulas here in the US, I freaked out.  If I remember correctly FDA said that
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/lets-not-forget-bpa/ Let’s Not Forget BPA - While we are so distracted by the recent Chinese melamine news distracted us from a bigger health issue, BPA (bisphenol A) let's not forget that fact that we
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/six-more-detox-drink-recipes/ Six More Detox Drink Recipes - I've been searching for more recipes for detox drinks for myself, because I'm starting to getting tired of drinking the same detox juice. Sure, I've added few
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/lead-poisoning-symptoms/ Lead Poisoning Symptoms - I want to talk about lead poisoning in this post. Lead poisoning is a bigger issue when it comes to children's health, but I think we are distracted with the
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/melamine-kills-1500-dogs/ Melamine Kills 1,500 Dogs - The melamine story continues. It is not just killing children, but also killing animals. Let's not forget that. In last few months, about 1,500 dogs have
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/20-most-contaminated-fruits-vegetables/ 20 Most Contaminated Fruits & Vegetables - 20 When you are buying a produce, I always recommend that you buy organic.  I know it's not always possible.  That's when the following chart comes in
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/melamine-contamination-everywhere-thanks-china/ Melamine Contamination Everywhere. Thanks China. - I wonder how a toxic chemical used for adhesive for wood, flooring and leather tanning ended up in our foods. Some say that the milk supplier or manufacturer
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/aqua-chi-color-chart/ Aqua Chi Color Chart - The color result of the water used in the whole aqua detox procedure would indicate which areas of one’s body has just been “detoxified”, and is easy to
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/aqua-chi-model-5400/ Aqua Chi Model 5400 - As some people go for drinking with friends, while others prefer a nice shiatsu massage, some are simply content with an hour with the Aqua Chi Model
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/aqua-detox/ Aqua Detox – Detoxing Through Your Feet - Based on the medical research of Dr. Royal Rife, aqua detox is a type of therapy which involves wet feet and electric currents, brought “real” through the
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/the-benefits-of-drinking-a-liver-detox-tea/ The Benefits of Drinking a Liver Detox Tea - Drinking a liver detox tea is a good way to have a healthy liver. It works by flushing away toxins and wastes from the liver. It also helps stimulate digestion,
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/current-health-issues/ Current Health Issues - This section is designed for organizing the latest news and discussions on health and environmental issues around the world.  We are responsible for the
  • http://www.detoxfresh.com/detox-recipes Detox Recipes - Here is a collection of recipes for detoxifying foods and meals. This page will be updated constantly. Bookmark and come back for more later. If you want to

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  • Linda Rafferty - Publisher 2010

    We have been able to publish newletters for our pediatric dental patients that look professional and incorporate our logo and office pictures. It's worked really well for us.

  • Kaci Harrison - Ohhhh boooooogy TIME!! WooooHooooo

    So much fun. Bought for my kids but I play it constantly and I'm 34 years old. I beg my kids, let's play!!! Haha. It has about 4 songs I really love and then 3-4 that I kinda like and the rest are just okay... You can purchase more songs but I've only seen one and can't really figure out how to do it. Challenge mode and other modes pop up and you accidentally click them not knowing what is going on and you end up having to go back and do things again because it's sneaky and confusing. Other than that and some controller issues with the game it's pretty fun.

  • glamourgirl - Makes my hair look and feel healthier!

    This is by far one of the best shampoos I've ever used. I don't say that lightly. I know many people who can use just about any ol' hair product (even inexpensive ones) and their hair looks great. My hair, on the other hand, is naturally dry, breaks off just from me running my fingers through it, and is thinning at the temples. I suspect a lot of that has to do with genetics and hypothyroidism.

  • James J. Cudney IV (Jay) - Cozy Mystery Fun - You'll want to open your own B&B just to find a body you can investigate!

    4+ stars to Carolyn L. Dean's BED, BREAKFAST, and BONES: A Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery, the first in this series about Amanda Graham's adventures in opening up a bed and breakfast on the coastal shores of Oregon.