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  • Texas Mom - OMG, It Really Works!

    FAN-...-TASTIC product We are repainting 503 continuous feet of 5'-tall metal fence along the road-frontage of our home property, using only canned spray paint (keeps kiddoes busy!). In hopes of somewhat easing the job, we bought a couple of these SafeWorld Can-Gun 1 attachments, figuring its award-winning design and lifetime warranty made it a good prospect for our purpose. OMG, it works!

  • T. Dunn - packing

    I am very happy with this item. The only negative thing is the packaging, it was in just a envelope and could be easy broken it shipment, because the envelope had a "RIP" in it from What i guess is the shipment damage, But the disc itself was fine. I suggest maybe putting a thin piece of cardboard of thick paper inside to keep it from "bending" so easy. Other then that I am Very happy with the item.

  • Trudi - Book 3

    Somehow I missed book 3 but luckily I had joined the Author's mailing list and when he requested if I had enjoyed book 3 to review it I realized I hadn't read it I immediately went to my kindle unlimited to download. What with all the books I read I was surprised it didn't take but a minute to remember where we had last seen our intrepid characters. OK so they are not ready intrepid, they are often frightened and scared but they do their job anyway which to me is a real hero. Our group has been vastly depleted with the fighting but lumbers on doing their duty. A turn or two you would not likely expect. I thought this would be the end but there is a book 4 too, where will we go from here?

  • C.J. Evans - Rick's France 2016 book is a dependable resource as always!

    Just used Rick's book to prepare for a recent trip to France. I've used his materials for previous trips and found them to be very helpful and clearly written!

  • J. Watson - Excellent

    Excellent book. After years away from math, I needed this book to help brush me up on the basics and teach me the GRE strategies. The explanation were clear and intuitive, and all of my math quickly came back. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • nickster - I Hate Visio 2010

    I still have a version of Visio at home before Microsoft bought them out and I'm thinking of loading it to replace Visio 2010. I've used Visio for years at work and home and 2010 I have found almost a waste of time. The new menu structure makes is very difficult to find commands I've always used and the help function is awful. I hate it when Microsoft "upgrades" a software package and takes a giant leap backwards. I hope my company stays with 2007. I got 2010 at home and can't stand it.

  • Lovely Lady - 1/2 Scoop is Enough for Me!

    As a quasi vegetarian (I've converted to a more plant based diet but still eat meat), I wanted to find a way to get more plant based protein in my diet. This is my first venture into protein powders. Pea protein was recommended since I don't do whey or soy and I was looking for an alternative. This is a nonGMO product and the sugars are acceptable. The first time I used it, I used a full scoop in a smoothie. It was nasty! The smoothie was way too thick and not enjoyable and ended up in the garbage disposal. My next attempt was a full scoop in my blender bottle. The taste was ok but not as vanilla beany as I thought. Again, still way too thick for my taste. After the first two attempts, I cut back to a 1/2 a scoop which is perfect for me, added some vanilla extract and cinnamon. That's pretty much the way I like it now, with an extra splash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves. I've not worked up the nerve to try it again in a smoothie but if I decide to do that I think I will only use 1/4 scoop. The protein powder is actually much finer than I expected (I thought the texture would be a bit thicker, I was expecting it would look more like cornstarch). It serves my need and it mixes very well in my blender bottle. I also bought the Chocolate Raspberry flavor and will try that one next. I hope it's good and chocolatey.