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Depilación Láser Permanente en IML - Instituto Médico Láser (Madrid) - La depilación láser médica de IML es el mejor tratamiento para una depilación permanente. Las zonas con mejores resultados son axilas, ingles y piernas.

  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/foro/foro-general-f3.html Foro de la depilación láser permanente • Foro General - Foro General : Toda la información relacionada con La Depilación Láser Permanente
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/factores-depilacion-laser.html Factores a tener en cuenta en la depilación láser permanente - Entre los factores a considerar en la depilación láser permanente están el sexo, la zona del cuerpo a depilar, el grosor del pelo o la densidad de melanina.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/como-calcular-siguiente-sesion.html Cuando realizar la próxima sesión de depilación láser - Calculadora de sesiones de IML para la planificación del tratamiento de depilación láser. Conozca cuando realizar su próxima sesión de depilación láser.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/pelo-depilacion-laser-vello.html El pelo (vello y pelo terminal) y la depilación láser permanente - Para entender la depilación láser permanente conviene conocer las características del pelo, su ciclo de crecimiento y la mejor fase para depilar con láser.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/objetivos-actua-depilacion-laser-permanente.html Depilación láser permanente: en qué consiste y cuáles son sus objetivos - El principal objetivo de la depilación láser es destruir el pelo de forma permanente. La luz láser elimina el pelo sin dañar la piel por fototermólisis selectiva.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/depilacion-mejor-laser-fotodepilacion.html Sistemas de fotodepilación disponibles en IML. ¿Cuál es el mejor láser para depilar? - ¿Cuál es el mejor láser para depilación? Tipos de láser disponibles en IML: Luz Pulsada Intensa, Láser Alejandrita, Láser Diodo, Soprano ICE y Láser Vectus.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/ventajas-inconvenientes-depilacion-laser-permanente.html Ventajas e inconvenientes de la depilación láser permanente. - Ventajas de la depilación láser permanente y zonas con mejores resultados al tratamiento de depilación médica láser. Limitaciones e inconvenientes del láser.
  • http://www.depilacion-laser-permanente.es/resultados-depilacion-facial-corporal-femenina.html Resultados de la depilación láser femenina permanente - ¿Qué resultados podemos esperar de la depilación láser femenina en el área facial y en las zonas corporales? ¿Qué zonas alcanzan el 90% de la depilación total?

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  • TomQ - Great picture, but big problem with Amazon video app

    In general, I'm very happy with this purchase. HD picture quality is great and UHD content is simply amazing. However, there is one glaring deficiency, and it is particularly galling because it involves Amazon's own video app: When watching high def movies using the Amazon video app on this Samsung smart tv, if the movie is supposed to be letter boxed, it is instead stretched vertically to fill the screen, causing people to look unnaturally tall and skinny, Round objects look like eggs, etc. It does not do this with the Netflix app, nor does it do via the Xfinity X1 STB. It is only a problem on content via the Amazon video app. I did a little research online and it appears this is not a new issue and has been an issue for well over a year, yet Amazon has not fixed it. I've seen it argued that it is Samsung's problem, because other brand smart tv's don't have the problem. But again, the problem only happens with Amazon video, so I guess I don't care for the finger pointing between these two companies, instead of taking care of their customers and fixing the damn problem. So, in summary, if you don't care about Amazon video, this is a great smart tv. If you do care, think twice about purchasing this model from Amazon or anyone else.

  • G. Diemond - Be careful with this purchase.

    There is no help feature on any of the games, so unless you know the rules of the game you are playing you're out of luck. The one game I bought the DVD for (cribbage) works successfully, although I don't think the game was set up to accurately mimic the reality of playing it - the card combinations are not often seen in real play, i.e., all four cards of the same number. I have it set on the hardest setting and win far oftener than I should be able to! It does appear to count the hands correctly, however, which was the problem with my old DVD with cribbage - which was a Hoyle product. If there was a help feature that worked on the Reel Deal DVD, I would use it for other games, but for me its use is limited.

  • Daniel Swartz - Also a side effect (if you want to call it that) was it gave me some seriously painful burps. Almost as if the pill dissolved in

    Took it for 2 months and saw no difference. I have had a vasectomy and am over 50. IF that makes any difference. Also a side effect (if you want to call it that) was it gave me some seriously painful burps. Almost as if the pill dissolved in my throat. I took it with a large glass of water and sometimes even 2 glasses but I would still get the burps.

  • AmyC - Pricey but works

    I am a triple paste fan. My son has struggled with diaper rashes on and off and I've tried about 5 or 6 creams. Some work ok for a slight diaper rash, but for a stubborn rash triple paste is totally the best. I'm a little annoyed at the price, but it really is worth it. I've bought the small tubes in the store but the tub is a much better value.