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Dental Centre Morningside, Dental Clinic, Dentist in Durban KZN - Looking for a dentist in Durban? The Dental Centre Morningside is a specialist dental clinic offering a variety of dental services in Durban KZN

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  • http://www.dentalclinic.co.za/what-we-offer/ Tooth-Coloured Fillings, Ceramic Veneers, Botox Treatments DBN | Morningside Dental Clinic - Modern dental materials & techniques, advice on dental procedures & a range of services including tooth-coloured fillings, ceramic veneers & botox
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  • http://www.dentalclinic.co.za/what-we-offer/beauty-treatments/ Discreet Botox Treatment/Dermal Lip Filler Treatments in Durban | Morningside Dental Clinic - We offer discreet Botox Treatments/Dermal Lip Filler Treatments from our Dental Centre in Durban. Contact us today for a younger looking you!
  • http://www.dentalclinic.co.za/what-we-offer/cosmetic-dentistry/tooth-whitening/ Tooth Whitening, Brite Smile, How can I whiten my teeth? | Morningside Dental Clinic - Brite Smile is a sought after treatment for tooth whitening. If you’ve ever asked the question How can I whiten my teeth, look no further than Brite Smile

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  • Brettski - Setup was a little tricky, it took about 20 ...

    Setup was a little tricky, it took about 20 min of trying over an over to get the plug to show up in the app. Running iOS with iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Chris Lindahl - Excellent storage space for license and credit cards

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Excellent storage space for license and credit cards. Case also is easy to convert to a stand for viewing videos. I was skeptical at first as it is rather thick however it does feel good in hand and that thickness is what is going to protect your phone when you drop it. Great Case - Great Value.

  • Jolynn - Ice cream on demand!

    Love this thing. Ice cream is my downfall when dieting, so being able to make it on demand with frozen fruit has been awesome. I would recommend always using at least a little bit of banana if you like a creamy texture, but if you like a sorbet then any fruit without the banana works as well. It is a bit of a chore to clean it properly (which is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5), but worth it to be able to treat yourself without busting your diet plan. I don't have little ones in the house anymore, but if I did I would definitely use this to replace unhealthy, processed treats for them.

  • Truth Teller - AWFUL and Sad

    REALLY ZERO STARS!!!! I'm an African American woman and this product has RUINED my feet. I had a very small problem, but this product mad it WORSE. I have hyperpigmentation, so when the skin came back it was darker and worse! Who knows how to get rid of this. I don't wear the boots that caused the problem, but Now I have a LARGER problem where the product has burned my skin. :-( I used to have the prettiest feet, but this ruined the three VERY tiny minute small spots I was treating. I wish I would have tested on one toe before I used it on three. I wish the product did not exist. Please place a warning on the package that if if you scar easily and have brown skin that the product will make your toes DARKER and WORSE. Do not use this if you have pretty brown skin, or your toes will be black and purple in the end. I am sooooooooooooo very sad I ever used this. :-( I only gave it one star because I could not post with ZERO stars!

  • Mark Stevens - Christmas Gift

    So i but this game for a friend for Christmas and when he was able to play it for a day before it stopped working. This hasn't happened on any other game we tried cleaning the disc and cleaning the console but it would not work.