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  • NW Mama - Smells great and light feeling!

    I have to say ......ever since I went to Disneyland and had extreme southern Cali sun-rays on my skin...... crows flew on my face for the first time. No, not the bird....the wrinkles. Yep, crows feet. They came out of nowhere! I tried so many different anti-ageing products and nothing worked to get rid of the nasty things. I read somewhere....about a star who swears by this stuff and I tried it out. Guess what? Crows have flown away and I owe it all to Argan Oil. Yes, there are a lot out competitors out there, in fact I'm using another brand that is cheaper than this one currently.However, I'm going to order more of this brand next time because it feels lighter and has a better smell.

  • Mulepick - Good product

    Good product to get rid of the unsightly long OEM antenna. This one is sturdy and won't snap off like another aftermarket antenna did and it goes through car washes just fine. Haven't noticed any substandard reception.

  • college student - Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin

    Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin... seems like they cheaped out on that pretty hard this time around. My highlighter bleeds through on a lot of pages and it feels like its going to rip whenever I flip the page. That being said this book is a must for med students.

  • Ulka - It Seems to be Plenty Powerful & Lamp Life & Theory

    2013.03.14 So far 95 % of my arm and leg hair is gone. In areas where the hair is courser like the bikini area it's down by 60% and facial hair is down by 35%. I have to send my unit in for warranty repair because flexing the cable makes it not work at times or cause the panel lights to flash.

  • Paul Viazcan - So far the shoe it light and comfortable. I need to have a run to give ...

    So far I am in the breaking in phase and i have to get use to this show. I have been using Asics since I started running (which is a few years ago) and going to Nike is going to take time to get use to. So far the shoe it light and comfortable. I need to have a run to give further detail but what I have done do far I have not problems.

  • Pippa - Keeva hair treatment mask---- effective product

    Deep Conditioning 5-in-1 Hair Mask with 100% Organic Argan Oil, Tea Tree, Coconut, Avocado, Keratin - Restores Dry, Damaged, or Color Hair After Shampoo - Sulfate Free

  • Keith A. Bull - If you enjoy your reds this is definitely a great investment

    So far loving the Aervana! If you enjoy your reds this is definitely a great investment. Cleanup is simple, the is no dripping or spilling red wine while pouring, and this truly airates you wine as it pours.